Business Unit: Corporate Function

Design & Development Southfield, Michigan Shelbyville, Tennessee


Project Engineering Specialist- EOP (Engineering Operations Project) Office


Working under close supervision, the position is responsible for working with the internal functions and team members in developing methods, systems and processes for all phases of the engineering life cycle.  Position must be knowledgeable of the product development process and application of engineering design and development tools. Special assignments inclusive of coordinating key projects, internal/external meetings, project time lines, presentations, and technical assessments, working loosely with the SVP Eng. Operations.




  1. Accepts engineering and coordination responsibility for all assigned projects.
  2. Understanding and application of engineering development process tools/methods.
  3. Maintains excellent communication skills to coordinate activities with other departments, locations, suppliers, and customers.
  4. Submits timely schedules and technical reports in support of projects including preparation for review and on-going progress meetings.
  5. Assists project programs to achieve project goals and satisfy quality, cost, and delivery targets.
  6. Support managing calendar events and meeting schedules as assigned.
  7. Complete the various project activities within the established budget and completion dates.
  8. Coordinate the deliverable tracking and schedules with the customer in order to meet their requirements.
  9. Respond to internal requests for documents and support release of internal specifications and requirements.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned.



The above typical duties are characteristic of this job and demonstrate a level of difficulty and are not intended to list or limit the duties that may be required or assigned to an employee in this classification.



The incumbent must:


  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in related discipline and generally zero (0) to one (1) year experience in related field
  • Have experience working with integrated computer programs and/or applications.
  • Be able to pass all background checks and pre-employment tests, including any required drug test.
  • Be able to maintain the confidentiality of any information s/he encounters.


Reasonable accommodations may be made to those who are able to perform the essential duties of the job.



  • Intermediate to advanced experience (beyond basic data entry) working with computer applications such as Word, Excel, Lotus Notes, PowerPoint, and other presentation applications and/or software.
  • Language: English (mandatory), any others as a plus.
  • Ability to multi-task and maintain updates on documents in a fast-paced environment.
  • Support and manage calendar schedules with high degree of proficiency.