Students and MARELLI

Do you want real-world experience that will make you stand out from the crowd after graduation? You’ve found the right place! Marelli offers PAID co-op or internship positions, which are a great learning experience for a student’s looking to get exposure in a field that relates to their degree.

Work sessions are structured, supervised, professional, and relate to the student’s area of study. These experiences allow students to sharpen their skills, develop a network of contacts, assess their strengths, and test classroom theories in real world settings.

Students participating in Marelli’s co-op/internship program become more marketable when seeking full-time employment after graduation whether with Marelli or another company. While a full-time position cannot be guaranteed after graduation, the work experiences gained through cooperative work will be invaluable.


Departments in which CKNA has co-op/internship opportunities:

• Engineering

• Human Resources

• Sales

• Accounting

• Purchasing

• Logistics


• Must have an overall GPA of 3.0 at time of hire

• Encouraged to work 30+ hours a week

• A co-op will work a minimum of one (1) semester. A semester can include spring, summer, or fall. Students may also work part time around their school schedule if agreeable to the department manager. Co-op students should be currently enrolled in school. However, Junior and Senior status students may take off a maximum of one (1) semester of school in order to perform co-op duties if approved by Human Resources.


• PAID (Pay scale is based on year of academic study and degree of study)

• A co-op student is eligible to enroll in CKNA’s medical, dental, and vision benefits if he/she works 30 or more hours per week.

• Students will be eligible for up to PTO days during their assignment based on length of assignment and allotment days.


Are you wanting to grow and excel in your career? Marelli has various internal career development programs to help you succeed.

Programs that are offered include:

Manufacturing Leadership Development Program (MLDP):
12 week course that develops team members and prepares them for leadership roles. The program consists of classroom training, on the job training, and a rotational assignment (Production, Quality, Engineering, ect.)

Skilled Trades Development:
Program to develop our team members to promote them into skilled positions. The program consists of mentorship, advisement, and on the job training.

Marelli University:
An online university that centralizes delivery of educational experiences and offers the opportunity for team members to enroll in on-line and instructor led courses

Tuition Assistance Program:
Offers company reimbursement for courses taken at an accredited college or university. GED classes, Adult Literacy classes or English as a Second Language classes are also covered.

Process Tech Development:
Program to develop our current Process Technicians in their current role by going through a series of external classes.

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    Supplying to 18 Automotive Manufacturers

    Our products are supplied to many automotive manufacturers, numbering 18 companies in Japan and overseas (as of March 2016). We are supporting the world’s automobile society through Monozukuri.
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    Founded in 1938

    We were originally founded as Nihon Radiator Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 1938. Since then, we have continued to be a components and will celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2018.