Business Unit: Green Technology Systems (Exhaust- XBU)

Maintenance Shelbyville, Tennessee


**3rd Shift**

     To support, troubleshoot, inspect, and repair all necessary equipment and or tooling to ensure manufacturing meets all customer schedules.



  • To inspect, troubleshoot and repair equipment and or tooling
  • Establish and maintain spare parts inventory in assigned areas as required
  • Develop and implement project schedules
  • Coordinate with Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Vendors as required
  • Establish and maintain planned maintenance activities
  • Share knowledge and train others
  • Perform job duties with minimal supervision
  • Serve as team member on task forces, 3-day improvement activities, and other special projects
  • Perform physical and mental activities as required, including but not limited to, lifting, climbing, and operation of genie booms, fork trucks, and all lifting devices as needed
  • Use precision measuring instruments



The above typical duties are characteristic of this job and demonstrate a level of difficulty, and are not intended to list or limit the duties which may be required or assigned to an employee in this classification.




Trainee: Must be admitted into a relevant technical program and actively enrolled in classes.

Level 1*:

Tier I- Two years formal education beyond high school in a technical field or associates degree in a technical field with hands-on learning experience.

Tier II- Must meet tier I requirements and have 3000 hours of Skilled Trades experience.

Level 2*: A minimum of two years formal education beyond high school or Assts. Degree in a technical field that provided hands on learning experience and three years of on the job experience in technical trades (6000 hours if internal to CKNA), or five years proven experience in a technical field.   

Level 3*: Must meet level 2 requirements and performance expectations.


All levels must have the ability to work in a multi-skilled environment including the potential to perform work across other skilled trades’ crafts.  A demonstrated desire and ability to learn including ability to train others is required.  Must possess leadership ability in both project management and continuous improvement activities.  Must demonstrate thoroughness and orderliness in performing work assignments.  Requires ability to utilize tools, follow directions, maintain tempo, recognize quality, problem solve, exhibit teamwork, use interpersonal skills, work safely, and work overtime as required.  May be required to qualify for fork truck certification and operate lift devices as necessary.


*Must meet performance requirements to advance levels.