is a global automotive company, inspired to be world leading in innovation, while contributing to a sustainable society.

At MARELLI we are doing great things because of our great people. Our team members are the driving force behind our success - working with passion to make a positive difference every day. We build long-lasting relationships formed through the relentless pursuit of quality, innovation, and integrity.

MARELLI has centers of excellence throughout the North Americas and over 22,000 team members around the world. We are dedicated to being your most valued and trusted employer. MARELLI is an established leader in Exhaust, Heat Exchange, and Climate Control Systems as well as Electronics, Cockpit Module, and Interiors.

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Quality / innovation / integrity


MARELLI is committed to providing competitive health and welfare programs to ensure total well-being for team members and their family. MARELLI is proud to offer a wide array of exceptional benefits.

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Shykil Strong

“This is the first job I had coming out of highschool. I have been here since I was 19 years. My peers and management team respect me and that motivates me to continue to work hard.”


Kim Baker

“I really like Marelli because the company gives us an opportunity to grow. I am a recent graduate of the Manufacturing Leadership Development Program and I feel like that has helped me tremendously in my leadership skills. Throughout everything I have ever done at Marelli I feel that my supervisors/management has always supported me every step of the way. That means a lot.”


Tracy Spivey

*Pictured here with Tommy Reavis and Dawn Dunnivant

“MARELLI is good about doing activites for the community and having fun. We’re like a family!”


Wanda Fulton

“MARELLI is a great company to work for. I have worked here for 29 years and it has been fun meeting and training new people. This job has helped me personally and professionally by helping me purchase two homes and put my child through college.”


Daryll Bradburn

“One of the most positive things MARELLI has to offer is our excellent benefits package.I enjoy working at MARELLI because I like the people who I work for and the team that I work with.”


Francine Nelson

“I love working for MARELLI! The company gives me opportunities to grow into my profession.”


David Griffith

“I came to work at MARELLI nearly 2 decades ago for the competitive benefits, good pay, and steady work hours! I find MARELLI to be an enjoyable, easy, and a fun place to work. My favorite part of the job is the people I work with because I believe in teamwork and enjoying what I do.”


Do you want real-world experience that will make you stand out from the crowd after graduation? You’ve found the right place! MARELLI offers exciting programs for college and technicial students.

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