Open Source Intelligence Collector

Intelligence Analysis Washington, D.C.


The Open Source Intelligence Collector will satisfy information requirements with the collection and exploitation of raw or per-conditioned open source information. The primary objectives of the OSIC Collection Activity are as follows:

  • Resolve and match multiple platform data based on location, time, and user identifier similarities.
  • Extract, transform, load, and normalize large volumes of historical (extant) OSINT data sets for exploitation, analysis, and visualization, in a variety of data stores, applications, and software systems.
  • Create a series of relational models with a graphical web relationship consisting of resolved data sources, document(s), entities, data points, names, locations, and relationships with visual links of their connections.
  • Collect, exploit, and disseminate traditional and non-traditional open source information.
  • Apply knowledge of capabilities and limitations of open source intelligence (OSINT) collection to include internet data discovery, recognition of adversarial tactics, source vetting, and data analytics.


  • Skilled expertise in OSINT collection, data engineering and data science, and expertise to disseminate OSINT reports and deliver data packages to customers in the form of databases, reports, and visualizations. All duties performed in coordination with and supervised by OSIC government personnel.
  • Support the collection, exploitation, and dissemination of open source information in response to requests for information.
  • Create and disseminate Open Source Intelligence Reports (OSIRs), in coordination with OSIC government personnel, based on the information collected in response to the request for information.
  • Implement the use of obfuscation techniques and enforces compliance regarding open source information and OSINT retention and usage policies.
  • Execute OSINT collection using managed attribution capabilities, OSINT tradecraft, and OSINT collection related tools.
  • Knowledgeable in OSINT tradecraft and be able to successfully implement the tradecraft in response to information requirements in order to mitigate operational risk and adhere to laws and policies governing the collection and use of open source information.
  • Extract, transform, load, and normalize data across many platforms.
  • Create and implement OSINT collection plans and identifies sources of open source information of potential intelligence value in order to satisfy an information need.
  • Collect and exploit foreign dialect open source information via language capability at the 2, 2, 2 level per the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) or native speaker. Languages of interest include: Russian, Chinese, Farsi, Arabic, and Spanish.
  • Quickly and efficiently discover information, synthesizes and creates reports from open source information within established security protocols
  • Perform specific collection projects, with little guidance
  • Build an independent program of discovery and reporting to support assigned mission


  • Junior (0-5 yrs.)
  • Mid (5-10 yrs.)

 Security Clearance:

  • Current and active TS/SCI