Our Impact — And Yours

The work we do at Insurity matters every day to people just like you. Insurity is empowering insurance organizations everywhere to provide faster and more streamlined service, helping to protect the things you love, and most of all, peace of mind.

Here are just some of the ways Insurity is elevating the insurance industry:

  • Faster Response Time: Wildfires can rip through towns in the blink of an eye, with some advancing at a rate of more than a football field every three seconds. In the case of natural disasters, time is of the essence. Now, with Insurity, customers can generate a wildfire perimeter within just 15 minutes – compared to hours or even days. This advantage helps insurance companies more proactively manage and assess risk in real time.

  • Instant Customer Service: Filing a homeowners’ or property claim is not always a positive experience – especially when your insurer is experiencing a high claims volume. Following a hurricane and other natural disasters, inbound claims volume can skyrocket, as can wait times for policyholders in one of their greatest times of need. With Insurity, policyholders can instantly file a claim via text or phone call with zero wait time, no matter the volume of inbound claims.

  • Streamlined Claims Payments: In our fast-moving digital world, physical checks may seem like a thing of the past. But in fact, many insurance organizations still mail out physical checks to policyholders once a claim is approved. This can leave policyholders waiting days or even weeks to receive their claims payment. With Insurity, customers can drastically cut down on that waiting time, sending claims payments in as little as 30 seconds. This puts money in the hands of policyholders the moment they need it.

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