Technical Proposal Lead Writer Consultant

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Legal Guatemala   Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador)


CONSULTANT OPPORTUNITY: Short-Term Technical Proposal Lead Writer

Geographic location: Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador)

Heifer International has identified the need for a short-term Technical Proposal Writer (TPW) to lead the scope and write the technical section for an anticipated USAID funding opportunity from El Salvador Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) Annual Program Statement (APS) No.: 72051921APS00001- Addendum 4, Private Sector Engagement (PSE) for the Northern Triangle.

For this consultancy, Heifer anticipates up to 20 days of level of effort (LOE) to begin on/around January 2023 dependent on the start date of the USAID led co-creation process and at the request of Heifer’s prime partner. However, the TPW will need to familiarize himself/herself with Heifer’s technical capacity, unique characteristics, and its “added value” to the proposal. The TPW could be asked to draft or review executive summaries, background analysis, technical approach, management/staffing requirements, past performance, and corporate capabilities. The TPW will not have to draft all sections but will need to review drafts from other writers to ensure consistency and quality across sections.

The TPW will work closely with and report to Heifer’s Proposal Strategy Lead (PSL) to help design, strategize, and develop a technical proposal in support of the prime partner’s requests. Other activities may include participating in design sessions with the PSL, Heifer technical experts in-country (Northern Triangle) and in the US and the prime contractor; travel to target countries for information gathering; and regularly providing updates and drafts to the PSL for review based on the final proposal calendar. The TPW will also be required to participate and contribute to various proposal review sessions.


  • Ability to synthesize and distill information into a compelling narrative
  • Ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines; flexibility to adapt to change
  • Collaborate well with other consortium members
  • Ability to communicate across cultures and languages (English/Spanish)
  • Interest in Heifer’s work and methods
  • Ability to quickly learn and process information


Proposal Writing and Development

  • Under direction from the PSL, contribute and write technical drafts of proposal ensuring it accurately reflects Heifer’s abilities and unique “value add” to the proposed activities
  • Ensure technical proposal is compliant with proposal requirements and responsive to evaluation criteria
  • Conduct sufficient background research on the opportunity, donor, local conditions, and Heifer’s methodologies to write technical sections that reflect and incorporate local needs, donor requirements, and Heifer’s strengths into proposal response
  • Participate in proposal design process including attend strategy sessions, conduct information gathering trips, lead proposal design workshops, and meet with relevant stakeholders in Heifer to tie in relevant information and technical abilities
  • Draft proposal sections and participate in proposal review meetings (blue, red, green, and gold teams) and incorporate feedback from reviewers into drafts
  • Work closely with Cost and Pricing team to ensure technical and cost proposals are in synch
  • Coordinate with partners to ensure their abilities and value adds are reflected in the proposal
  • Coordinate with other section writers and review drafts to ensure consistency and quality across the entire proposal and provide feedback on how to enhance quality

Minimum Requirements:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Professional fluency in Spanish and English (writing and speech)
  • Demonstrated record of developing and writing technical proposals that are responsive to donor criteria, particularly USAID, and reflective of local conditions and Heifer’s solutions
  • Strong ability to gather information from multiple sources and synthesize it into a coherent narrative
  • Experience in market systems, value chain strengthening, economic and agricultural development, or related technical areas
  • Ample knowledge of regional commodities market opportunities
  • Experience including private sector engagement, value chain development, and harnessing financial institutions in development programming
  • Knowledge of the economic dynamics of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras
  • Experience developing programming budgets in the region
  • Ability to travel to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras for up to 14 days

Preferred Requirements:

  • Experience implementing development projects abroad, particularly in regard to private sector engagement, small business development, and economic growth
  • Experience with USAID as a strategy lead, technical writer on proposals
  • Understanding of the root causes of migration from Central America
  • Strong conections and knowledge of facilitating access to finance and incentives to attract private sector investment
  • Experience with youth and women involvement in development activities in the region
  • Experience on innovation and use of technology for rural development is a plus

Most Critical Proficiencies:

  • Knowledge of donor strategy and key priorities in the region
  • Knowledge of innovative approaches to international development in relevant field
  • Partnership and rural small business development
  • Knowledge of the Northern Triangle market opportunities

Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands:

  • Ability to sit for prolonged periods of time
  • Ability to write and speak Spanish and English
  • Ability to convey ideas clearly and speak publicly and present in person or over video conference
  • Ability to work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality Ability to work remotely and results oriented
  • Ability to work under pressure