Media Investment Executive

Buying, Trading & Investment Melbourne, Melbourne


Position at Mindshare

About Mindshare

Mindshare is a global media agency network with 116 offices in 86 countries and is part of GroupM, the world’s largest media investment company and are a part of WPP. The group are responsible for one in every three ads you see globally and here at Mindshare we are currently looking for a Media Executive to join us on their very own #mindblowingcareers journey.

A #MindblowingCareer could look like…

  • Having a development plan focused around where you want to take your career not where we want you to go.
  • Knowing we have a long history of driving the industry of Media Advertising from the front. Built on provocation and breaking the norms. This allows us as a global agency today to do things differently to deliver a meaningful career for all members of our team.
  • Being part of our family like culture provides nurturing environment where our team feel comfortable to bring their whole selves to work everyday.
  • Having time in our day to live our lives whilst also having a fun and progressive career.
  • Being rewarded not just for the skills you bring with you but for the impact you have on our clients and our agency.
  • Getting annually reviewed pay and salary to ensure you and everyone are paid fairly.
  • A career that provides more benefits than just money in the bank, we provide things like daily breakfasts, fruit, technical and professional learning, industry engagement, yoga, gyms, financial planning and many more.
  • A team of industry leading people leaders that help support, build and motivate our team members to do the best work of their careers
  • Having the bar set high, so you know you get to work with a family of Powerful Purple People because only the best work here.
  • A professional career in media that provides a valuable job that we can all be proud to tell our family and friends about

Our company values  

We have four company values that are the operating philosophies that guide our conduct:  

  1. Be team – treat everyone with respect, be willing to help out, be a good collaborator respect the working environment and get involved with the agency outside of your day job.  
  1. Be provocative – have an informed POV, challenge the norm in the day-to-day, identify opportunities to do things differently.  
  1. Be global – have a global perspective and looks outside of AU for inspiration, effectively use the Mindshare network, seek insights from other markets as well as sharing your work.  
  2. Be quick – make decisions that utilise time efficiently, be quick to manage expectations, keep things moving, perform tasks in a timely manner and have the ability to be nimble and adaptive. 

Key purpose of the Executive role  

To support the Manager in delivering gold standard trading practices. To build trusted and influential relationships with media and agency partners.  

Key responsibilities for the Executive  

  • Media buying across all channels including material management and liaison with other agency contacts. 
  • Working with the team to ensure all activity is correctly loaded, checked, and implemented, including material instructions. 
  • Ensuring efficient and correct administration procedures are followed. This includes planning and reporting to financial accuracy. 
  • Develop post analysis documents and ensure all activity is delivered as booked by media 
  • Booking of Print plans and uploading to Global database.
  • Ensures they live and breathe the Mindshare values everyday  
  • Helps Assistant with prioritisation of their daily workload  
  • Delegates to Assistants in an effective and timely manner  
  • Ensures Assistants deliver their work to a high standard and in a timely manner  
  • Possesses strong negotiation and time management skills  
  • Actively seeks and responds to feedback from line manager and other team members  
  • Embodies the team vision as set by the GID  
  • Conducts themselves in line with Mindshare Professional Etiquette Guidelines  
  • Possesses a pro-active mentality/approach to their work  
  • Contributes to a positive, motivating and inspiring team culture  
  • Works collaboratively with client team across all disciplines throughout the campaign development process ensuring they deliver work in a timely manner  

About GroupM Australia

GroupM Australia takes pride in being a group built on a set of core values that extend to every aspect of our operation. We are committed to providing an empowering workplace that offers opportunities to learn, succeed and grow. We do this through our dedicated in-house training team who tailor our programs for every level of employee in every discipline across the group. GroupM is the largest media investment management company in Australia with 30% market share and over 800 employees. With such a unique culture, GroupM embraces workplace diversity, allowing our employees to bring different ideas and solutions to the workplace.