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The main mission of this role is to work on a wide range of projects from planning advertising campaigns using DSP/DMP to actual operations based on advanced understanding of advertising technology.

In doing so, you will utilize hypotheses as an expert in the use of DMP, PMP transactions, and various channels such as Audio/Video.

This is an exciting turning point in the industry, and we are looking for motivated individuals who are willing to take on challenges and tackle detailed tasks. 


その際には、DMPの活用やPMPという取引の活用、そしてAudio / Videoなどの様々なチャネルに対し、専門家としての仮説を持ちながら取り組むことが求められます。




Senior Programmatic Specialist




  • Based on the client's issues, provide solutions based on an advanced understanding of programmatic and advertising technologies.
  • In particular, we use DMP to create audience segments and design communications that cannot be achieved with other platforms.
  • In addition, by utilizing the new trading format of PMP, we will build the optimal online media portfolio for our clients.
  • Particularly with PMP, it is necessary to be well versed not only in advertising technology but also in online media trends.
  • クライアントの課題に基づいて、Programmatic・広告技術の高度な理解に基づきながら解決策を提示していく
  • 特にDMPを活用したオーディエンスセグメントの立案により、他プラットフォームでは成しえないコミュニケーションを設計する
  • また、PMPという新しい取引形態を活用しながら、クライアントにとって最適なオンラインメディアのポートフォリオも構築していく
  • 特にPMPにあたっては、広告技術のみならず、オンラインメディアのトレンドにも明るいことが必要


  • Execute advertising campaigns for clients by utilizing major DSPs (*).
  • Specifically, media buying for appropriate audiences based on the contents of "Planning" above.
  • In doing so, the PDCA cycle is executed to achieve KPIs while referring to various indicators (OS, time of day, viewability, etc.) that can be obtained from the DSP.

*DV360, The Trade Desk, Scaleout, FreakOut, MicroAd

  • 主要DSP(※)を活用して、クライアントの広告キャンペーンを実行する
  • 具体的には、上記「Planning」の内容に基づいて、適切なオーディエンスに対するメディアバイイングを行う
  • その際には、DSPから取得できる様々な指標(OS/時間帯/Viewability)などを参考にしながら、KPIの達成に向けてPDCAを回していく

※ DV360, The Trade Desk, Scaleout, FreakOut, MicroAd


  • Weekly: Create regular campaign numerical reports on your own, perform a "health check" and explain the results to the client and internal agency.
  • Monthly or Quarterly: Based on the above "Planning", provide insights from various factors such as audience, online media, creative, etc.
  • 週次:定期的なキャンペーンの数値レポートを自ら作成し、「健康診断」を行ったうえでクライアント・社内Agencyに説明していく
  • 月次もしくはQuarterly:上記「Planning」の内容に基づいて、オーディエンス・オンラインメディア・クリエイティブなどの様々な要素からインサイトを提示していく

Qualification & Requirements

  • 6+ years of industry relevant experience. Strong understanding and experience in Programmatic, GDN, Google Adwords and/or Facebook Ads of approximately 3+ years
  • Bilingual business level fluency in both Japanese and English
  • Possesses passion and excitement to learn new processes and ways of working with an innovative mindset

More about GroupM

GroupM is the leading global media investment management group serving as the parent to WPP media agencies including Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Essence and m/SIX, as well as the programmatic digital media platform, Xaxis, each global operations in their own right with leading market positions. GroupM’s primary purpose is to maximize the performance of WPP’s media agencies by operating as leader and collaborator in trading, content creation, sports, digital, finance, and proprietary tool development. GroupM’s focus is to deliver unrivaled marketplace advantage to its clients, stakeholders and people, and is increasingly working closely for the benefit of clients with WPP’s data investment management group, Kantar. Together, GroupM and Kantar account for over 50% of WPP’s group revenues of more than $20 billion.

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About Japan

Japan is both the world’s third-largest media market and third-largest e-commerce market. As one of the first markets to develop a full mobile e-commerce ecosystem circa 2001 to 2002, Japanese digital consumers are experienced and discerning; digital marketing campaigns are sophisticated, multi-layered labor of love. While growth is lower in this mature market, e-commerce is projected to increase by 12% in 2016, 11% in 2017 – emerging technologies are driving substantial growth. Programmatic spend across all devices has seen a 156% increase between 2012 and now, with mobile Programmatic spend expected to grow 174% between now and 2017. If you want to excel in a mature, refined media advertising atmosphere and reach savvy consumers with equally-savvy media plans, Japan is the place to be.

GroupM is an equal opportunity employer. We view everyone as an individual and we understand that inclusion is more than just diversity – it’s about belonging. We celebrate the fact that everyone is unique and that’s what makes us so good at what we do. We pride ourselves on being a company that embraces difference and truly represents the global clients we work with.