North Texas SC Team Administrator

Coaching & Team Staff Frisco, Texas



Integral role with primary focus on managing and overseeing all facets of North Texas Soccer Club team administrational duties, while also managing and working with other departments on team operations. Including (and not limited to) player registration, travel planning through league centralized travel program, employment and visa administration, league paperwork, gameday timelines, home team liaison, league reporting.  

 Ensure all team administration is managed and submitted correctly and in a timely manner in compliance with club, MLS and MLSNP partnership policies, rules and regulations. Track and report all player suspensions and performance bonuses.

Work with the GM, Head Coach and Technical Staff to ensure player contracts and paperwork are produced and reported accurately, in a timely and correct manner in accordance to club and MLSNP policies, rules and regulations.     

Report to GM regarding all essential duties, responsibilities & accountabilities, which include but are not limited to:


  • Gain full understanding and become an expert of all MLSNP administration and operational best practices and procedures.
  • Ensure all player registration, travel, league, visa and employment paperwork is completed to ensure efficient operation of the club.
  • Meet or exceed goals and objectives whilst operating consistent to the company’s policies, goals and objectives to maximize profits and maintain the company’s quality requirements.
  • Operate within the company’s policies, goals, and objectives to ensure all duties are completed and performed to the highest standard the help achieve organizations global goals.
  • Be available for all team matches, activities, league meetings, conferences, initiatives, projects and other team events as needed. Be able to work weekends and holidays as pertaining to game schedule, team and promotional events
  • Work with FC Dallas departments (public relations, marketing and ticketing, sponsorship sales and operations) to meet or exceed current year and long-range objectives and to align with initiatives of North Texas Soccer Club and FC Dallas.
  • Develop professional relationships with other team administrators through the league to develop and be up to date on industry best practices.
  • Be a point of contact for all players needs and requests and be able to manage or forward to the appropriate person.
  • Develop and promote a culture of success and “Championship Moments” throughout the Company.
  • Assume and perform other miscellaneous duties that may be assigned from time to time by the GM and executive staff.
  • Ensure all confidential player and club information is protected and not shared outside of authorized individuals within the organization or league.
  • Demonstrate flexible and efficient time management and ability to prioritize workload.