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Working at Domtar

Make Yourself at Home

When you ask Domtar employees what they like most about working at Domtar, they often say it’s the people. Domtar is filled with smart, passionate, caring people doing challenging work and creating change.

Make yourself at home while building a long-term career. Whatever your interests, passions, skills or hobbies are, you'll find more than just a few like minds ready to invest in you.

Why Domtar?

Shabnam Sanaei, Ph.D.

Chemical Engineer
Montreal, Quebec

“Domtar is a great company that helps professionals grow. Working here has exposed me to many new disciplines and further developed my work skills in an industry context. I'm with the best of the best.”

Selina Hall

Quality Assurance Lead
Kingsport, Tennessee

“I have worked for Domtar for 13 years. During this time, I have gained so much growth, both personal and professionally. Coming in as an associate engineer straight from college, I learned that you definitely have to be a self-starter and take initiative. I have had many opportunities to recruit others, mentor and become a leader in the community. I am proud to be a part of Domtar and find value in the culture of aiding in the development of yourself and others.”

Dan Persica

Sr. Manager
Market Intelligence in Fort Mill, South Carolina

“Two things really set Domtar apart from other organizations that I’ve worked for – the people and the opportunities it provides. The company takes its value to be caring seriously. Employees are respectful of one another and truly want to see their colleagues succeed. Additionally, the paths to a successful career here are many and varied. Domtar offers the opportunity for motivated individuals to chart their own course according to their skillsets and interests, exposing them to roles they may have otherwise not considered.”

Differences Make Us Unique

Inclusion and Diversity are among Domtar’s highest values. Diverse employees, business partners and community relationships help us create innovative products for customers around the world. No matter where they work, Domtar employees are working toward a common goal.

We are committed to an inclusive, safe work environment that is respectful and collaborative, with opportunities for personal and professional growth for all employees. We encourage and empower employees to be who they are. This makes us who we are.