Operations Manager

Operations / Opérations Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania




Operations Manager


Job Title: Manager, Operations I

Reports to Title:  General Manager


Job Summary:


The Operations Manager is accountable for the safety, environmental, quality, productivity, talent, and cost management in the Fiberline, Recovery & Paper Mill. He/she collaborates with the Leadership Team to determine the actions needed to continuously improve the culture and the results of the mills operating areas.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Safety, environmental and quality leader of the mill’s operating team; including the Power & Recovery, Fiberline, and Paper Mill Departments.
  • Lead, motivate, and support a team within a time-sensitive and demanding environment, including setup and implementation of career development plans for all direct reports and problem resolution.
  • Responsible for personnel succession and development planning for his/her unit.
  • Conduct budget reviews and manage cost improvement plans.
  • Engage in long-term planning to create initiatives that further the mill’s goals.
  • Assess budget information to find ways to minimize expenses and optimize profits.
  • Creates budgets, studies business forecasts, and analyzes financial data to control business unit costs.
  • Identifying potential problems and work to find solutions to maximize efficiency and revenue.
  • Identifying opportunities to position the mill for maximum profitability.
  • Manage data collection to update operations metrics to achieve productivity targets, reduce cost per unit, eliminate errors, and deliver excellent quality performance.
  • Drives strategy and execution in all areas and hold the business unit accountable for delivering the desired results.
  • Maintains a presence on the plant floor, driving two-way commination with all employees.
  • Effectively communicates business unit goals and results to peers, superiors, and corporate stake holders.
  • Embraces reliability practices including planning & scheduling, essential care, and condition monitoring.
  • Ensures the quality of product leaving the mill meets or exceeds customer expectations through the consistent use of quality systems, operator training and auditing.
  • Participates in the annual and long-term capital planning process championing projects deemed important to the department.


Required Education/Professional Experiences:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Paper, Engineering, Science, Business or a related field
  • 10+ years leadership experience in Pulp And / Or Paper Manufacturing


Preferred Education/Professional Experiences:

  • Reliability/Continuous Improvement leadership experience


Critical Competencies:

Leadership, Technical, Innovation and Work Complexity

  • Builds effective cross-functional working relationships & superbly leads diverse teams
  • Proven coach and mentor to hourly and salaried employees
  • Demonstrates consistent initiative, sense of urgency, humility, and relentless pursuit of success.
  • Personally, organizationally, and strategically agile when dealing with complex problems, difficult situations, and diverse people.
  • Must possess excellent analytical, interpersonal, communication, and teaching skills.












Domtar is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, color, sex (including gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), marital status, religion, national origin, genetic information, disability, or veteran status.