Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer

Engineering / Ingénierie Plymouth, North Carolina




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Job Title


Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer



Name of the incumbent:


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Name of the immediate supervisor:

Mark Sheppard


Plymouth Mill

Title of the immediate supervisor:

Superintendent, E/I/Controls

































1. Purpose

Provide engineering expertise to solve problems and implement changes to mill electrical/control systems by developing scope, estimating costs, engineering, procuring and installing new equipment or modifying existing ones. Provide technical support to maintenance and operations personnel for proper equipment operation.
















2. Major Responsibilities

List and describe, in order of importance (most to least), the three major responsibilities of the position (what you do) as well as the expected end results (what is to be achieved). Indicate the frequency (R=regularly, P=periodically, O=occasionally) or estimate the percentage of time which is devoted to each item.


1.   Manage assigned projects through scope development, estimating costs, engineering, developing specifications and equipment identification while meeting the project costs and implementation time.  Regularly.


2.  Assist maintenance and operations in the use of new equipment and the existing mill electrical distribution system and process control systems.  Regularly.


3.  Supervise contractors and consultants to provide a safe installation of new equipment and/or modification of existing equipment while maintaining budgets and schedules.  Regularly.


























3. Leadership and teamwork

Describe the typical decisions that the position is called upon to make, without prior authorization, in the normal course of the work.



1.  Identification of instrumentation, electrical equipment and contractors subject to general management guidelines.



2.  Project management and engineering design.





Describe the typical decisions requiring the approval of the supervisor/manager



1.  Equipment and outside resource purchases.



2.  Decision to travel and training.



























4. Innovation and work complexity

Describe the typical issues and problems that to be resolved as well as the challenges that faced. Illustrate by using examples and mention what resources are available to help as well as the period taken to solve the problem.

Type of problems faced

Type of research, analysis and knowledge

Period taken to solve the problem
& available resources

1. Installation problem during shutdown.

1. Work with resources available to find solution and implement in remaining time.

1. Before start-up.

2. Paper machine was taken down unexpectedly.  Need to provide electrical/instrumentation expertise to maintenance and operations to facilitate safe, effective and timely return to normal operations.

2. Define problem and implement corrective actions to quickly and work around obstacles safely.

2. Time before down (if any) and until start-up of paper machine.













5. Impact on the business

Indicate the influence that this position has on the specific areas.


Operating budget
(without the salaries)

Indirect through cost reduction/product improvement.  Directly through equipment purchases.
















Directly through process improvement.







Other (specify)

Management of individual projects within mill capital and expense programs


















6. Technical Competencies

Identify the educational, linguistic, technical and professional accreditations and/or experience criteria necessary for this position.















A Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering is required.  Good knowledge of most processes in the paper/pulp industry. Ability to communicate ideas with others.   Must have a thorough knowledge of process/electrical control systems and all the instrumentation utilized to implement.  Experience with Allen Bradley PLCs, MCCs and VFDs is very desirable.  Must be willing to teach others to promote their effectiveness to Domtar.




Domtar is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, color, sex (including gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), marital status, religion, national origin, genetic information, disability, or veteran status.