Maintenance / Entretien Nekoosa, Wisconsin


Install, dismantle, or move machinery and heavy equipment according to layout plans, blueprints, or other drawings. • Align machines and equipment, using hoists, jacks, hand tools, squares, rules, micrometers, and plumb bobs. • Assemble machines, and bolt, weld, rivet, or otherwise fasten them to foundation or other structures, using hand tools and power tools. • Assemble and install equipment, using hand tools and power tools. • Attach moving parts and subassemblies to basic assembly unit, using hand tools and power tools. • Bolt parts, such as side and deck plates, jaw plates, and journals, to basic assembly unit. • Conduct preventative maintenance and repair, and lubricate machines and equipment. • Troubleshoot equipment, electrical components, hydraulics, or other mechanical systems. • Shrink-fit bushings, sleeves, rings, liners, gears, and wheels to specified items, using portable gas heating equipment. • Replace defective parts of machine or adjust clearances and alignment of moving parts. • Position steel beams to support bedplates of machines and equipment, using blueprints and schematic drawings, to determine work procedures. • Move machinery and equipment, using hoists, dollies, rollers, and trucks. • Level bedplate and establish centerline, using straightedge, levels, and transit. • Lay out mounting holes, using measuring instruments, and drill holes with power drill. • Insert shims, adjust tension on nuts and bolts, or position parts, using hand tools and measuring instruments, to set specified clearances between moving and stationary parts. • Fabricate and dismantle parts, equipment, and machines using a cutting torch or other cutting equipment. • Dismantle machines, using hammers, wrenches, crowbars, and other hand tools.

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