At Copa Health, we’re famous for our culture. From generous PTO to health care and education reimbursement, we remember that Copa employees are the best because they are like family.

  • We value home and work life balance.
  • We believe that respected employees make the best employees.
  • We know that accessible leadership breaks barriers and invites inclusivity.
  • We vow to give our employees the tools they need to succeed.
  • We succeed as a company when we succeed as individuals within that company.

What the Copa team says

At Copa Health, we’re famous for our culture. From generous PTO to health care and education reimbursement, we remember that Copa employees are the best because they are like family.

  • I find my work at Copa Health to be an unpredictable surprise on a daily basis. During part of my day, I am teaching several classes like Art and Media, a British Bake-Off, Zumba, Mad Scientist Experiment Class, Karaoke, and Music. In return, our members teach me how to live each moment with grace, resilience, and enchantment.

    Chris Ostmeyer, Program Supervisor, Community Day Services

  • After 19 years you’d think it was a habit, but nope. I wake up every morning thinking, ‘I get to go to make a difference for Copa today!’ Teaching members about working in the community, helping coworkers understand not just how but also why, the friends that stood behind me through some hard times. These things have fed my soul. On top of all that, I genuinely like my boss. Janey is great to work with; she is always allowing me to learn new things and put my talents to use. Looking forward to the next big thing!

    Rhoda Amendola, Employment Related Services Encounter & Billing Specialist

  • I love working at Copa Health. I get to be creative and have fun all while working together with my team at The Villages. I love people and I love helping people explore new things. At The Villages at Copa Health, we are all our members. Together we all try new things and learn ways we can do more than we ever thought possible. I love to see our members enjoy something they didn’t think they could do! I’ve seen them start to exercise, create art, cook, and even take steps to get a job by joining our Copa Cookies team! Giving new experiences to our members and getting the chance to create a program that meets such a wide variety of needs and interests is why I love Copa Health!

    Ryan Poulson, Program Director, The Villages Programs

  • I love working at Copa because Copa puts people first, which includes members, families, and staff. I also love working at Copa because Copa staff are the most compassionate, caring, and fun to work with. They’re like my second family.

    Hoa Mai, Sr. Director of Recovery & Resilience Services

  • I am so happy to be able to be a part of Copa Health organization. I feel like it is a privilege to work here, providing such valuable services to our very important clients. It is such a great thing to provide services to others and it’s also so rewarding. I am one brick in the foundation in the building of Copa Health. So doing my part is very important because the end product in the overall picture is so wonderful. Copa Health is on the forefront and building upward constantly innovating and implementing cutting edge things. So the members at the top of the building can receive top notch services, care, and support. The atmosphere is so good and I enjoy coming here. So grateful.

    Janet Richardson, HR Records Department Assistant

When you become a part of the Copa team, you will experience:

  • A culture that puts People First and honors our other five values: Compassion, Integrity, Perseverance, Accountability and Innovation.
  • A commitment to your success.
  • Career development suited to your talents.

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