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Our Benefits

Take a Closer Look at what CARFAX Provides

  • Vacation

    Time away from the job is healthy and necessary. Full-time and part-time employees receive paid vacation in accordance with your length of service. Accruals for part-time employees are pro-rated, based on scheduled work hours.

    Less than 2 years = 15 days (120 hours)
    2 years but less than 5 = 17 days (136 hours)
    5 years but less than 10 = 20 days (160 hours)
    10 years but less than 15 = 25 days (200 hours)
    15 years or more = 30 days (240 hours)

  • Paid Holidays - 2024

    4-Day Summer Work Weeks! Enjoy a generous holiday schedule, including a Winter Holiday! We provide all members with paid time off between Christmas and the New Year. For 2024, in addition to regular holidays, CARFAX will be closed from Thursday, December 26th to Tuesday, December 31st.

  • Insurance

    Our goal is to provide employees the best benefits possible while keeping it simple. We offer coverage for health, prescription, dental and vision. Including the ability to choose between 3 different plans, depending on individual needs.

  • 401-K

    For eligible employees, CARFAX matches 100% up to the first 4% of eligible compensation. In addition, we contribute 2% each pay. Participants are immediately vested in the plan.

  • Pet Insurance

    CARFAX is dog friendly. And while we offer amazing health benefits, we want to keep our dogs healthy too! We offer pet insurance to protect your pet if they are injured or become ill.

  • Parental Leave

    CARFAX is proud of offer up to 26 weeks of paid leave to any parent to care for and bond with a child after birth, adoption, or foster-care placement.

  • Automotive Supplier Discount Program, Corporate Sales Program

    Purchase or lease up to two vehicles per year at Ford Motor Company X-plan prices. Supplier Partner Recognition pricing is available on most Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Volvo, and Land Rover vehicles. There are also discounts on GM vehicles through participating dealers.