We’re here to innovate, disrupt, and remake the travel industry. To do it, we’ll need diverse, purpose driven talent from all over the world. Join us: it'll be the time of your life!

We’re looking for connectors who know how to work hard, give back, and provide the best experience possible for our Selina guests. We’re reinventing hospitality around the world. Disrupt the status quo and you’ll fit right in.

Grow with us.

The sky’s the limit with where you can take your career when you join our team.

Challenge yourself.

Challenge us. Some of our best ideas come from our teams around the world. We want people who are constantly thinking of new ways to improve and push the limits of what’s possible.


Digital nomads, nonstop travelers, break-takers, local communities and Selina staff make up our “neighborhood.”

Our People

Megan Kennedy

Megan Kennedy

I joined Selina in 2017 as the General Manager of Manuel Antonio, a stunning property nestled in the jungle of Costa Rica, teeming with wildlife and offering the most gorgeous sunset views over the sea. Immediately I connected with both the passionate staff and our enthusiastic guests. A year later, I moved on to be the Head of Country for Costa Rica, and following that, became the Head of Region covering Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and Colombia.

My passion for hospitality comes from my own love of travel and interest in connecting with new cultures. Truly, our dedicated teams work to bring the wonder of a location alive for our guests. Selina's authenticity is what continues to motivate me and makes me as excited about the brand as ever!

Gabriel Maiquez

Gabriel Maiquez

I always say that my journey in Selina started because I was enjoying life at the right time, the right place. That right place was Selina Playa Venao where I met a guy named Lior Zach who sold me a dream, that dream was simple; “Open hundreds of new Selina locations around the globe and have an amazing time doing it” and he convinced me very quickly, that to be honest, I did not hesitate to accept.

Later on in my Selina Journey I had the pleasure of being part of the team who taught me that working as a team is more possible to achieve goals that seemed impossible to achieve on my own. After traveling to 8 countries with Selina, back and forth, I feel privileged to be part of this great brand and being able to bring my knowledge and experience to Selina to help others experience this amazing lifestyle.

Maria Fernanda Teran

Maria Fernanda Teran

Since day 1, my journey in Selina has been full of challenges and achievements. From supporting a team across different time zones, being involved in big projects, and seeing how fast our team has grown to almost 2.5k employees, we take care of each other as family.

One of the highlights from the brand is how we get back supporting teams and community at all times, which makes me pretty grateful to be part of it.

Selina is a start-up and fast-growing company that offers a window to pitch new initiatives, to develop new processes. I've been able to lead my career objective and growth within different roles inside the HR Division, from assistant to the learning and development department manager.

If you are looking for a brand where you can be yourself, share your ideas, and boost your professional growth. Selina is your perfect fit.

Hugo Neves

Hugo Neves

I joined Selina in 2019 and I’ve been living a wonderful experience being part of this company. Selina is inclusive and disruptive, I come from a traditional hospitality background and the differences are remarkable.

During COVID-19, the company shows maturity, professionalism and gave us the opportunity for connectors to show our capacities and to be authentic on the day to day.

I'm very grateful to be in charge of Operation in the North of Portugal, we have beautiful properties with an amazing vibe to offer and it is always a pleasure to wake up for another day of work. The big difference of Selina is the people, great human beings that are dedicated in getting the best experiences for our guests.

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