Senior Frontend Software Developer, STAT

Engineering Remote - Canada


Moz is hiring a Front-End Software Developer to join the newly re-formed STAT team. This is a new team, spinning up to support the modernization of the STAT product. STAT is an enterprise rank tracker, serving up millions of SEO insights to its clients every single day through dashboards and reporting. In this role, the developer will be a key contributor in the ambitious greenfield project to write the new STAT UI, partnering closely with Product and UX. They will have the opportunity to utilize and extend Moz’s pattern library, writing reusable code that is easy to maintain as well as create a modern application for a profitable product and its loyal client base. The team member will play a substantial role in STAT's revitalization of the STAT product and its impact on our users' experiences.


  • Develop a high-quality and responsive interface for the STAT product using ReactJS/Redux, TypeScript, Node.js, and Next.js.

  • Design, code, and support new & legacy code for STAT’s next generation of features, optimizing for scalability, performance, and maintainability.

  • Take responsibility for technical design, implementation, and delivery of projects.

  • Collaborate with our design team to create user-friendly and visually appealing designs.

  • Work closely with your team to ensure that our frontend integrates seamlessly with our backend.

  • Debug and troubleshoot frontend issues as they arise.

  • Work with our pod of international developers also contributing to STAT.

  • Devise a plan for future career growth with your manager, including mentorship of junior & intermediate developers.

  • Ensure the quality and performance of the STAT application through code review, documentation, metrics and logging analysis, etc.

  • Understand and embrace our core values: Transparency, Accountable, Generous, Fun, Empathetic and Exceptional.

Required Experience:
  • 5+ years experience in a software development role where work directly affected customer or end-user product experience or performance

  • 5+ years experience developing features for & supporting a web application

  • Experience with ReactJS (Redux, Sagas, Hooks, MUI, Styled Components), HTML, CSS, APIs, Unix systems & tools

  • Experience maintaining production systems, responding to bugs and outages, managing uptime

  • Time in a role with responsibilities outside of code, e.g., monitoring, instrumentation, operations, dealing with servers/containers, deployment, etc.

People You’ll Work With:

  • A creative, committed, collaborative, and diverse development team who build technology that uses lots of interesting technologies. 

  • A cross-functional product group balancing new feature development with sustaining and expanding the current high-growth product.

  • Other engineering leaders who are working to continually improve and evolve the culture and practice of software development at the company, bringing new ways of working and diverse perspectives to our organization.

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