Engineering Manager, Big Data

Engineering Remote - Canada


Moz is hiring an Engineering Manager for our Index team, building a web index to power our industry-leading SEO data and tools. Successful search analytics requires an understanding of two things: How a search engine algorithm works, and the data set that algorithm is applied to. The Index Team at Moz focuses on this second part and the data set we work with is an index of the internet itself. “Big data” is a popular buzzword but at Moz we really mean it! The index we create powers Moz’s SEO tools: Moz Pro, Moz Local, and STAT Search Analytics.

Moz is committed to building diverse teams where people of all identities and backgrounds are welcome, included, and respected. We work to help close the gender gap in tech, and to actively recruit people from other underrepresented groups. 

We strongly encourage Black people, indigenous people, Latinx people, people of color, and people in gender minorities to apply for this role.

What You’ll Do

  • Contribute directly to link index development.

  • Support the individual and collective growth of a team of smart, experienced developers. 

  • Coach the team in delivering and maintaining data, systems, and APIs that are critical to the company’s success.

  • Lead collaboration with stakeholders to make decisions about work priorities and feature investments and set the product direction for the team.

  • Work with others in the Data Engineering group on common data architecture and pipelines, and with Product Engineering leadership towards a unified product team and platform.

  • Contribute to engineering leadership, technology, and practices that will support sustained expansion of Moz products over the next several years.

What’s Important to Us

  • Technical skill. We need leaders to be effective translators of technical concerns as they impact product and functional considerations, and help the team make good decisions about technical work. 

  • Commitment to shipping. It’s important to deliver, and we value getting new products and features to customers regularly.

  • Product and customer focus. Our team is invested in the experience of the products we build beyond the code.

  • Collaboration. Strong relationships, team-focused communication, knowledge-sharing, and problems solving make us more effective.

  • Resourcefulness and adaptability. We expect and welcome change, so being willing to take on unexpected challenges and do well in situations without rigorous structure is helpful for success.

  • Servant-Leadership. Our teams thrive through coaching and enabling rather than getting directions. We strive to be supportive, patient, and people-focused.

  • Curiosity and motivation to grow. We’re always looking for opportunities for development and growth.

  • TAGFEE. Understands and embraces core Moz values. Sets an example and creates accountability for the team. 

  • Commitment to diversity & inclusivity. Our goal is to build diverse teams where people of all identities and backgrounds are supported. We pay attention to and take action to support people from marginalized or underrepresented groups at Moz. 

Experience We Want to See

  • 2+ years experience as a people manager with hiring, mentoring and performance review responsibility.

  • 7+ years experience delivering products or services on the web.

  • C++ and Linux experience or a demonstrated ability with comparable technologies and an ability to adapt quickly to new environments. 

  • Experience with and knowledge of big data concepts, problems (scaling, performance, cost management), systems, and technologies.

  • Experience working on products which apply complex algorithms to solve large scale data problems. 

  • Understanding of the techniques of data science and machine learning as applied to big data problems.

  • Significant time on a team whose work directly affected customer or end-user experience on a live product.

  • Ability to communicate the business impacts and risks of technical debt.

  • Understanding and support for pragmatic, iterative software development practices.

  • Ability to coach and develop teams and individual people.

It would be great if you have experience in any or all of these areas (but you should still apply if you don’t):

  • Building big data services using AWS managed services.

  • Working with systems which routinely handle petabyte sized datasets.

  • Leading distributed or remote teams.

  • Building SaaS products, especially mature products that have sustained growth over time.

  • Significant time as a software engineer or SDET.

  • Using metrics and data to drive software engineering and product-development.

  • Search and SEO.

People You’ll Work With

  • A creative, committed, collaborative, and diverse development team who build technology that uses hundreds of computers to process petabytes of data and index 40 trillion records daily, and employs machine learning to create a rich index of the web. 

  • A cross-functional product group balancing new feature development with sustaining and expanding the current high-growth product.

  • Other engineering leaders who are working to continually improve and evolve the culture and practice of software development at the company, bringing new ways of working and diverse perspectives to our organization.