VP, Global Infrastructure & IT Services

Security & Infrastructure London, United Kingdom


The Challenge

The challenges we face now as a global FTSE-listed FinTech have evolved as we’ve grown. Your remit is to take the internal Global Infrastructure Engineering  to its next major stage in maturity while simultaneously and successfully operating to prevailing business demands throughout that transformation programme and beyond.


This role will be based in London overseeing a global team and reporting to the CTO. You will work closely with the CFO’s team to ensure the services and vendors under your purview are managed smartly (e.g. from a budget, procurement and planning perspective). Importantly, you will focus outward and be outcome focused. You will be able to help shape and meet the needs of internal and external customers, and the business’s Infrastructure and IT strategy.

The team

A major element of the role is the leadership and development of a great team of circa 50 Circlers.

On one hand you will oversee the Corporate IT team, comprised of 15 team members across London, San Francisco, Denver and Berlin. The team covers all aspects of IT service management and delivery, IT vendor management and corporate network engineering.

On the other hand you will oversee 40 colleagues in London and San Francisco primarily working on optimising our runtime platform, specifically covering the areas mentioned below.

Role Scope: You will provide all IT and Platform Infrastructure Services in the following areas:

  • Corporate IT Services including but not limited to, desktop / laptop provision, email and messaging, AV services, calendar & room booking etc.
  • Enterprise Service Desk, providing a portfolio of problem, incident and issue management services in addition to centralised Service Management activities. 
  • Corporate Infrastructure including but not limited to networks, telephony, firewalls
  • Run time Infrastructure including hosting (primarily AWS), storage, streaming platforms, databases, backups & restore, many managed as software defined infrastructure
  • Dev Ops Foundations providing platform services and tooling for the controlled self-provision or release of Developer and Dev Ops defined environments and code.

Role Accountability: Within the scope you are accountable for all Infrastructure Service Delivery outcomes, service financials, operations and engineering along with the team, methods, models, processes, functions, technology and associated third party products and services.

Desired Qualities: Structure, Leadership, Financial Adeptness, Scale, Gravitas and Execution.

  • Structure: Clear, complete and scale-appropriate operational structures are a pressing requirement to both foster a positive work environment for the teams and boost service efficiency. Although nimble in your approach you are naturally systematic and structured, implementing leading edge and bureaucracy free operational processes and policies that dramatically improve the team’s effectiveness.
  • Leadership: This role requires strong leadership and a bold strategy combined with the right cultural approach. Senior decision-making is essential but autocracy is unlikely to succeed. You will have a clear and easily assimilated vision and lead your team via inspiration, collaboration, engagement and coaching. Major change might create insecurity but your empathy and emotional intelligence enables you to ‘read’ and sensitively manage these aspects early, promoting the wellbeing and happiness of your team during difficult transition phases.  Leadership extends well beyond the team and into the wider business teams to ensure proper cultural change management when changing ways of working through Infrastructure initiatives.
  • Financial Adeptness: Significantly improved financial rigour and control is now essential for the IT Delivery function. You have the ability to view, communicate and manage the IT delivery function through the lens of the Business’s financials and risk, justifying all changes on measured improvement to business’s bottom line or risk position. Recognising the importance of the economic aspect means you imbed financial rigour and accounting element at the core of each service you provide rather than it being an administrative addendum to the technology.
  • Think Smart - Scale: The leader in this area should always be focused on how to create standards, tooling and solutions that can be reused, run autonomously and can scale.  This requires instilling a sense of rigour on the teams to think about reusability and a constant desire to automate to make lives easier for the consumers of the Infrastructure team’s services - everyone from Sales to Engineers.
  • Be Open - Gravitas: You have the gravitas to comfortably operate and gain trust at senior levels. Your experience and manner enables you to constructively challenge C-level proposals or Board directions and negotiate changes without conflict where you feel delivery might not be possible or optimal. The same gravitas inspires confidence in your team to represent their interests, ensure they feel supported and provide them ‘air cover’ when necessary as well as be honest about mistakes and how to improve from them.
  • Make it Happen - Execution: Most internal customers are reliant on your services for enabling their outcomes. Delivery therefore needs to be managed, reliable and on time. We have complex applications and engineering teams rely heavily on the services provided by your teams. You are a ‘pragmatic completer’ and have the internal discipline to both create staged project plans and then deliver to expectations. You understand the difference between ‘activity’ and ‘progress’, being able to cut through the noise and drive the items of greatest business benefit with grit and prescience.

Key skills and experience

  • Extensive experience of leading and being accountable for a portfolio of Infrastructure services
  • Demonstrating both credibility with C-suite and colleagues at all levels, in different geographies
  • Understanding of organisational design and how to resource and structure teams to achieve service outcomes and goals
  • Expert in customer focused, Service Orientated operating models and architectures
  • Accomplished in transformation of Infrastructure services to service-oriented provisioning.
  • Conversant with service creation, definition, accounting, charging and recovery.
  • Knowledgeable in applying ITIL and similar operational improvement methodologies.
  • Expertise with major change programme management and agile practices
  • Product Management, Service Design / Service Owner experience.
  • Solid understanding and experience managing DevOps and SRE practices and promoting those within the wider Technology team
  • Significant focus on automation and self service for engineering teams, done with the right controls
  • IT Service Management and Operations Management experience.
  • Adept in accounting, budgetary control and financial business justifications for technical services
  • Proficient in cloud and third party IT delivery, management and contract negotiation 
  • Demonstrates awareness of different cultural nuances, approaches and backgrounds so that everyone’s contribution is valued