Associate Area Director of Golf Course Maintenance

Management Clearwater, FL


Position at BrightView Golf Maintenance

Looking for an opportunity where success comes naturally? Then you may have found your crew. We’re looking for an Area Director to join our team.

Here’s what you’d do:

The Area Director of Golf Course Maintenance (AD) is the senior manager within the company who has primary responsibility for the success of VCGCM’s golf course maintenance activities on the courses within a specified geographic area.

You’d be responsible for:

  • Customer Relations
    • Build trust-based working relationships with all key managers of customer golf courses
    • In particular, build a solid business relationship with the key customer personnel who have direct decision making authority regarding our work
    • Develop an understanding of the customer’s business opportunities and challenges as a context for our work and as appropriate develop maintenance options for the customer that can improve their overall business
    • Maintain multiple points of regular communication within each customer organization to understand if our performance on their course is satisfactory and how it may be improved
    • Develop a reputation with customer personnel for integrity and competence and be seen as an important counselor to them regarding their course maintenance and conditions.
    • Lead VCGCM’s contract renewal and extension efforts.
  • Operations Management
    • Work closely with each superintendent and appropriate VCGCM resources to create operating plans including agronomic activities, equipment deployment and labor scheduling for each course
    • Ensure that operating plans use VCGCM best practices in all areas in order to meet or exceed customer expectations in the most effective and efficient manner
    • Monitor implementation of the operating plans to ensure appropriate compliance with the activities, practices and materials specified
    • Work with superintendents to adapt operating plans as needed to changes in circumstance dictated by changes in weather, disease or pest pressure, course conditions or other factors
    • Work with each superintendent to continuously improve performance including reducing costs while meeting or exceeding customer expectations 
    • Have knowledge of, and ensure compliance with, all relevant laws and regulations in the conduct of our operations as well as with company policy
    • Ensure that each course is maintained in accordance with our Agreement and Technical Specifications
    • Ensure that each course complies with all VCGCM safety policies and procedures
    • Develop programs and take steps to use the company’s resources across courses in the most effective and efficient manner possible
    • Act as a counselor to each Superintendent in improving their maintenance operations and identifying and responding to issues with the course.  Facilitate the appropriate involvement of VCGCM resources in response to course issues.
    • Conduct regular visits to each course to monitor the state of course conditions and our operations
  • People Development
    • Act as coach and counselor to superintendents regarding job performance and opportunities for improvement.
    • Provide regular feedback to superintendents regarding performance.
    • Work with each superintendent to develop an appropriate professional development program including needed or desirable training.
    • Monitor employee morale and motivation on each course through observation and personal interaction with employees.  Take appropriate corrective steps to remedy any issues.
    • Ensure that employees on each course are appropriately trained for their jobs.
    • Ensure that all company human resources policies and procedures are followed on each course.         In particular ensure that each course represents a safe and respectful work environment for all employees.
    • Work with each superintendent in filling key course positions such as mechanic or assistant superintendent.
    • Lead the process of hiring superintendents ensuring appropriate VCGCM management and customer involvement.
  • Company Leadership
    • Model ethical behavior and the company’s values in all situations.
    • Support VCGCM policies, practices, programs and initiatives by requiring implementation and compliance.
    • As appropriate be involved in the development of VCGCM policies, practices, programs and initiatives including providing feedback on their efficacy and feasibility.
    • Exercise in an appropriate manner the obligation to express dissent with current or proposed policies, practices, programs and initiatives.  Such dissent should be conveyed in a constructive and professional manner and only within the VCGCM senior management team.
    • Develop creative approaches to improving the company’s performance in conjunction with the appropriate VCGCM managers.  Refrain from using a “lone wolf” approach to innovation.
    • Maintain an appropriate profile and reputation within the golf industry and the community at large.
    • Support VCGCM business development activities as requested primarily through involvement in the sales process and estimate development. Approve the final cost estimate for potential new properties.
    • Bring potential leads identified through customer referrals, inquiries and other sources to the attention of VCGCM business development leadership.

You might be a good fit if you have:

  • Excellent golf course maintenance agronomic and operation management skills
    • Certification from the GCSAA is desirable but not required
  • Strong interpersonal skills including the ability to develop good professional relationships, to build trust in others and to make a positive first impression
  • The ability to motivate and develop superintendents and other employees
  • The capacity to act as both a leader and a good team player
  • Solid organizational and time management skills
  • The ability to understand the bigger picture while paying close attention to important details
  • A bias toward actions and the ability to make decisions
  • An openness to innovation and change and the ability to lead others in change
  • Strong ethical values

Here’s what to know about working here:

At BrightView, we’re a tight-knit crew who are as passionate about caring for our clients as we are about each other. Though we’re the nation’s leading landscape company, we maintain a small company feel and supportive environment that makes our team members feel at home. 

If you’re looking to join a crew of talented go-getters who tackle big vision projects other companies could only dream of, you might just have found your match. With our range of services, including landscape design, development, maintenance and enhancements, there’s no limit to what we can do, and what you can achieve.

In addition to industry-leading development opportunities, you’ll also have benefits and perks like:

  • Competitive salary
  • Paid time off
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance

Think you’ve found your crew? 


BrightView is an Equal Employment Opportunity and E-Verify Employer.

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