Senior Medical Science Liaison - Turkey

Location:  Beykoz/Istanbul, Turkey Category: Medical Affairs


Who We Are

From research and discovery to post-market clinical development, our WWRD engine involves all bench and clinical research and the associated groups that support those endeavors. Our teams work on developing first-in-class and best-in-class therapeutics that provide meaningful advances to patients who live with genetic diseases.


State the overall function or purpose of the job.
The Sr. MSL is the external-facing scientific expert on the company product(s) and therapeutic area(s) with the core responsibility of scientific engagement. This consists of the establishment and maintenance of ethical and highly scientific peer to peer relationships with leading HCPs at major academic institutions and clinics based on high-quality response to medical inquiries and proactive engagement with leading HCPs through meaningful scientific exchange conducive to improved clinical management of patients. 
List the major responsibilities of the job.
1)    Scientific engagement
•    Scientific engagement with KOLs in healthcare, academia, payer (as required), and government organizations (as required) to disseminate scientific information, gather insights and evaluate the expert opinion of KOLs. Thus, becoming a trusted scientific partner by enhancing the understanding of the scientific and medical value of BMRN products (pre- and post/at-launch)
•    Proactive KOL mapping and planning according to the scientific strategic needs of the product or therapeutic area (pre- and post/at-launch)
•    Development and implementation of Scientific Exchange meetings at hospital level. Support the Area/Country Director on the development and implementation of regional or national Scientific Educational Programs in line with BMRN’s scientific needs, including the scientific briefing of the speakers (pre- and post/at-launch)
•    Conduct drug administration (infusion) readiness training upon request (post/at-launch)
•    Support institution site readiness and perform on site drug risk-management drug education/information of post-marketing studies as required (post/at-launch).
•    Scientific conference support (pre- and post/at-launch)
•    Pre-conference
•    Collaborate with colleagues to identify attending HCPs and arrange meetings with regional/global colleagues as necessary and/or scientific exchange meetings.
•    During the conference
•    Attending relevant scientific sessions.
•    Engage in scientific exchange (ad-hoc, mostly pre- planned)
•    Staff BMRN medical booths
•    Post-conference
•    Develop and deliver a full meeting report to be shared cross-functionally
•    Prepare post-conference updates to not-attending HCPs
•    Coordinate with Medical Information the provision of answers for on- or off- label queries (pre- and post/at-launch)
•    Reactive provision of information to local PAGs in lieu of Area/Country Director in collaboration with Patient Advocacy (pre- and post/at-launch) 
2)    Support evidence generation
•    Work with investigators in company sponsored studies supporting Clin Ops and/or Study Management resources by identifying potential study sites based on their scientific capabilities, administrative readiness, and stakeholder interests, proactively informing HCPs about sponsored trials to help recruit investigators, partnering with clinical operations and CROs to ensure surveillance and compliance with study programs, and proactively engaging with investigators both during startup and ongoing throughout the study to maintain interest in and education about the study (pre- and post/at-launch)
•    Work with potential investigators supporting the development and submission of IIR proposals aligned with BMRN’s strategy (mostly post/at-launch)
•    Reactive support to HCPs for assistance in providing scientific information for the development of audits or pathway redesign to improve healthcare quality and effectiveness initiatives (mostly post/at-launch)
•    Identify further scientific research opportunities in the area that help increase disease awareness, sharing of best practices, and identification of medical gaps (mostly post/at- launch) 
3)    Insight management
•    Share insights and knowledge from HCPs interactions with cross-functional team members: MSLs may proactively ask questions to understand the HCP’s scientific point of view on topics to share as insights for BMRN per Data protection laws (pre- and post/at-launch)
•    Identify unmet medical needs and bring back the corresponding insights to the organization so they can be actioned accordingly by the relevant party (pre- and post-launch)
•    Collect data and insights to understand patient and treatment journey (pre- and post- launch) 
4)    Internal partnerships
•    May train other internal employees on any disease state or company products.
•    The MSL is an integral part of the BMRN team, proactively coordinating activities with other field-based personnel (sales, CRAs, access managers) and sharing insights. 
Quantify the scope or impact of the job in terms of revenue, expenses, capital investment, headcount, etc.
Based in Istanbul, Turkey, this position will support the Medical affairs strategy in Turkey. Great influence on internal and external business environment and close collaboration with commercial, marketing, access in the country and in the region, as well as with the regional area therapeutic leads. 

State both the minimum and the preferred educational attainment (or equivalent experience), and describe essential and desired subject matter, certifications, special training, etc.
Bachelor of Science in Medicine
Advanced degree - preferred 

State both the minimum and the preferred number of years of relevant experience, and describe the essential functions of the job.
    3+ years Clinical experience - preferred 
    Degree in genetics – hematology - Preferred  
    2+ years Pharmaceutical experience - preferred
    50-75% travel requirement (Within the assigned territory) 
    Experience in public presentation – required  
    Excellent organizational skills.
    Strong written and oral communication skills.
    Strong interpersonal skills.
    Experience in effectively managing multiple tasks and projects
    Ability to self-motivate and work independently to meet timelines. 
    Independently develops study documents and processes
    Demonstrated ability to monitor all visit types independently
    Understands the needs of stakeholders and able to develop action plans
    Discerns urgency of issues and takes appropriate action
    Previous experience in biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, CRO or other relevant industry experience is much appreciated 

Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled

An Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.