Work Happily.

”I joined Ant Financial in 2018 and I still remember my first day like it was yesterday. Through Ant, I've had the opportunity to work with many companies from a variety of industries and countries. In my first assignment I worked on supporting a strategic partner build an e-wallet in South-east Asia. Our goal was simple - to help build a more financially inclusive system. Working with such purpose and collaborating with extremely high-caliber teams, you can’t help but give your best when you are on the steepest possible learning curve.“

Diego Garcia
Senior Business Development Specialist - Alipay Europe

”I was fortunate to join the company amidst its push for globalization in 2017. Since then, after spending time in a few departments, I delved deeper on Ant’s overseas international business team, focusing on growth, and most recently on the investment management team. Ant Financial is a place where change and growth are not only embraced but encouraged. Ant has taken me on incredible journeys which have forever shaped and changed my professional career.“

Rilly Chen
International Growth Advisor - Investment Management Team

”It has been an amazing journey in the past a few years in Ant. The reason has been driving me and our team to tirelessly conquer challenges together is not only the pursue of the dream create value for the world, but also the personal development we acheive together as a company; as a family. If you are willing to devote yourself to helping others and enjoy the fulfillment of exploring the unknown, then join us! Together we will create miracles together.“

Yu Peng
Micro Loan Data Team Director at Ant Financial

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