Who’s Amber?

Amber is a global game development agency built by a collective of artisans residing in Bucharest, Botosani, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Guadalajara, and Montreal. We believe that happy people create the best work, and thus we aim to create a nurturing working environment that fulfils the human potential of our staff members. Our tools for achieving our ideal community, which we symbolically named the City of Amber, are detailed on this page, and they’re rooted in our core values of teamwork, kaizen, play, learning, trust, mastery, and community.

Our company culture is akin to an operating system, driving all our actions. It’s dynamic, flexible, in continuous change, growing and adapting to our people’s needs.

Understanding our culture will allow us to evolve in today’s fast-changing business environment, and together we will manage this change process, the journey to the ideal culture.


The Vision

Within a decade establish a leading position in every segment of the game development supply chain

The Mission

We are a community of artisans delivering positive impact by evolving the science and art of play

The Values