Concept Artist

Art Other, Romania


Concept Environment artist


We are looking for a passionate, experienced Concept Environment Artist to join our gaming art studio.


About the Role:


- Create assets and textures in line with the project's artistic and technical direction (references, documents, etc.);
- Integrate assets and textures produced in the game engine;
- Verify the quality of his work once imported into the game, and make improvements when necessary;
- Use specific project tools in order to achieve best results and meet deadlines;
- Efficiently uses the texture space and takes into consideration the pixel ratio;
- Determine the objects and environments required and adjust the work according to the story and the gameplay (Game Design documents);
- Able to fast learn technical constraints of platforms, engines and software;
- Understand and apply graphic principles;
- Use artistic references to improve visuals;
- Able to micro plan and time estimate his work.


Artistic background needed:

-  5+ years in a senior concept artist position in AA or AAA games;

- Experience in 3D modelling (low poly, high poly, normal map extraction) 3D Studio Max;
- Experienced environment concept artist with stylized rendering skills, (a + if in the style of Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks);

- Experienced with complex stylized architectural design for games (large city and natural vistas);
- Portfolio features Cyberpunk, Utopian/Futuristic Environment concepts and illustrations, stylized fantasy environments concepts and illustrations;
- Great colour sense;
- Must be able to interpret and stylize real-world reference;
- Proven experience in VizDev for games and/or animation;
- Able to work from a 3D Greybox/Blockout and/or from written descriptions with mood boards;
- Great collaborative communication skills;
- Must be able to work organically and iteratively with the art director;
- Able to ideate quickly, and integrate feedback from team;
- 3D abilities a plus (mock-ups);
- Fluent English (Written/Spoken);

- 2D skills - Adobe Photoshop proficient (ability to create tillable and specific textures);
- Good notion of proportions and a good eye for the detail.

Nice to have technical skills
- Design for modular environments is a plus

- Knowledge of the technical constraints linked to real time, 3D engines and level editors is a plus;
- Knowledge of other 2D software is considered a plus;
- Knowledge of Z brush is considered a plus;

- Experience in drawing ;
- Previous experience working in the gaming industry is considered a plus;
- Leadership skills are considered a plus.


Other skills:

  • Efficient and fast UV working skills
  • Superior eye for light, shade, color, and detail in crafting texture maps and materials
  • Good hand painted texturing skill
  • Excellent ability to prototype and craft block-out assets
  • Ability to understand the needs of a project and stay within the style of the project.
  • Proficiently communicates with team members (Concept Artists, Art Directors), Production, Design and other departments


Required Application Materials

  • Reel or Portfolio demonstrating technical skills


Our Offer

  • A diverse portfolio of projects in which you will be involved based on your skill set and desire for professional development
  • An ideation team where you can bring your creative ideas which will be equally valued as your artistic expertise
  • Great work environment, awesome people to work with