About Allied
Physicians Group

Allied Physicians Group is the largest private medical partnership in the New York metropolitan area. Our independence is an integral part of our success because the group is not owned by a health system, hospital, or insurance company. Allied Physicians Group is comprised of more than 150 physicians within 34 offices throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester County, Orange County, & Rockland County.

Employees include all Clinicians: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Social Workers.

About Adjuvant.Health

The term Adjuvant means “something that enhances the effectiveness of medicine.”

Adjuvant.Health, was formed by the Partner Physicians and Executive team of Allied Physicians Group in 2018. The Managed Service Organization allows practicing physicians to focus less on the business needs and more on what is important to them, patient care. It is a partnership of like-minded independent pediatric physicians focused on both the clinical and financial side of a practice or group.

As a forward-thinking organization that continually searches for new, innovative approaches to the practice of medicine, Adjuvant. Health provides a full suite of medical consultative services.

Employees include Home Office, Office Managers, and Practice Staff.