Assistant Media Planner

Media Planning/Buying Miami, Florida


Position at Havas Media

Job Summary:

The Assistant Media Planner supports Media Planners to ensure successful and timely completion of projects. Also responsible to assist the strategy needs into a tactical media plan.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Request code creation for new clients to the Finance team to set up in the system
  • Enters orders in the corresponding software (DDS/Advermind) to create drafts
  • Sends insertion orders and/or flowcharts to vendors with proper authorization
  • Ensures changes are placed in the system (DDS/Advermind), that they are reflected in the flowcharts and vendors are notified
  • Responsible for finding discrepancies, contacting the vendor and making the required changes in the system
  • Responsible for the completion of the reconciliation process, working with Sr. Media and Media Planners for validation
  • Enters invoices numbers in the system (DDS/Advermind) for Pure Players
  • Prepares reports with pertinent information relating to campaigns; Planned vs. Aired budgets, spots, TRP’s, reach and frequencies per country, per brand
  • Responsible for delivery and control of creative materials (manually and/or digitally)
  • Works side by side with Sr. Media/Media Planners and Pure Players within the company, to provide integrated solutions to clients
  • Assist with changes to the flowchart, if necessary
  • Assist on new plans, with Sr. Media/Media Planner’s approval, for Carryovers or Replanning
  • Assist Sr. Media/Media Planners on performing post-buy reports by pulling data from KANTAR, Artemis, Vendors, and/or Ad Servers to present learning to clients
  • Assist Media Planning coordination of asset production when working with Creative Services (HSE) and PPs teams on a campaign
    • Ensures Creative Service (HSE) team has coordinated between the creative third party vendor, media vendor and client when assets are being produced
  • Assist Sr. Media/Media Planner on coordination with AdOps (Trafficking) team during Adserving (tags) creation
    • Collaborates with the Traffic Manager when sending the tags to vendors and clients
  • Review pending invoices to bill with Sr. Media/Media Planner
  • Assist on consolidate Media Plans information, as per Analytics Templates, in order to generate diverse reports needed throughout the agency, that includes but not limit to:
    • Media Projections, Yearly Closing and Carry Overs, used by HoCO, Corporate Finance, Managing Directors, among others
    • Input the correct information into the system so it is readily available when needed


Required Experience:

  • One to Two years experience as a Media Buyer or Media Associate
  • One year experience working on multimedia campaigns

Skills and Competencies:

  • High professional proficiency on English language
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Intermediate knowledge of Prisma, Sizmek, KANTAR (SRDS & Stradegy) and Simmons
  • Basic knowledge of Comscore, Google Analytics, Clear Decisions and T-View
  • Strong interpersonal relationship skills
  • Strong ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
  • Advanced knowledge of Digital Products and Services