Senior Content Creator

Creative New York, New York


Position at Havas

Senior Content Creator




  • Content Development
    • Concept and develop briefs
    • Receive video/photo/motion/design production briefs directly from agency & client teams
    • Develop written treatments with visual support from creative briefs
  • Content Execution
    • Assume creative & technical roles on a variety of projects
    • Collaborate with Studio6 talent to amplify concept with any absent skills or competencies 
    • Manage production equipment
  • Content Delivery
    • Keep up strong communication with post production team members throughout completion of every project


Skills + Competencies:


  • Knowledge of video & photo equipment.  Including camera, lighting, & audio
  • Proficiencies in a variety of video/stills post tools. Including, but not limited to: Premiere, After Effects, Light Room, Capture One, ProTools, Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema 4D
  • Strong writing and presentation building skill
  • Outstanding communication/organization skills and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Ability to work under pressure as a part of a small team
  • Ability to collaborate with large teams when necessary
  • Understanding of structure for treatments, scripts, and finished videos
  • Design and motion design understanding and technical ability a plus
  • Personal passion for work and leisure
  • Influence from outside interest and hobbies encouraged
  • Must be willing to work long days & weekends as required




  • Directly reports to Creative Director 
  • Closely collaborates with Content Producer on approach, timing & resourcing prior to treatment submission
  • Lead video, photo shoot and design teams, either in-house or freelance
  • Fill a variety of roles, sometimes lead roles, but also supporting while other Content Creators lead as necessary


Industries of Experience:


  • Strong personal social media presence is preferred
  • Experience with self-started video/photo projects is preferred
  • Film production experience is preferred
  • Professional Experience gained as employee or intern within an organization that edits video
  • Scholastic video experience focusing on the production of video and stills, including post production