Assistant/Associate Director - Center for Teaching & Scholarly Excellence

Staff Exempt Boston, Massachusetts


The Assistant/Associate Director works collaboratively with the director of the CTSE Team to shape a wide variety of programs that promote teaching, learning, and scholarly excellence across the University's three schools and supports the University’s strategic initiatives.

The Assistant/Associate Director CTSE will develop, refine and lead workshops for instructors across the University based on sound pedagogic principles and provide research-based consultation on topics such as course design, evaluation techniques, classroom management and teaching innovations. This position is also responsible for organizing the CTSE programming schedule in consultation with the CTSE Team, overseeing and collaboratively facilitating Course Design Institutes, organizing the Fall Teaching Luncheon and the Symposium on Innovation in Teaching and Learning, managing the Teaching and Learning Innovation Grant (TEALIG) program, designing and conducting training for Suffolk University Teaching Assistants (TAs), creating and facilitating new workshops and programs, and assisting in the preparation and delivery of the New Faculty Orientations.


  • Promote Inclusive Teaching & Learning Program Design, Facilitation and Assessment (develop, promote and assess inclusive teaching and learning efforts both through workshops and more broadly through CTSE efforts; collaborate with University administrators, faculty and staff to promote inclusive teaching efforts; research and consult with experts in the field)

  • Program Design, Facilitation and Assessment  

    (in consultation with the CTSE team, schedule, design, and facilitate existing and new workshops and modify previous workshops and programs for faculty audiences; manage the Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants (TEALIG) program, oversee TA training initiatives, organize the Fall Teaching Luncheon and the May Symposium on Innovation in Teaching and Learning and manage and facilitate the Course Design Institute programs.)

  • Consultation (meet with individual faculty clients one-on-one to diagnose teaching concerns, provide resources, offer classroom observations, analyze teaching materials, conduct midterm feedback sessions [SGIDs] and provide additional services as needed)

  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning - SoTL (assist the team in the development, promotion and assessment of SoTL programming; meet with individual faculty as needed; establish relationships with experts in the field; showcase faculty research.)

  • General Involvement in CTSE events and other duties (provide support for ongoing programming and the general running of the Center as needed; assist in developing content for the CTSE website and newsletter; collaborate on grant writing in support of institutional initiatives; participate in assessment of CTSE programming.)

  • Develop and maintain expertise in higher education teaching and learning (keep up to date on the literature, activity participate in the field of faculty development, and present at local, regional and national conferences, and publish, as appropriate.)


  • PhD or EdD required;
  • Two or more years of experience working in educational development;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of theory and practical application of higher education teaching and learning, particularly in inclusive course design and assessment;
  • Experience with interdisciplinary models of pedagogy;
  • Experience as a university instructor;
  • Experience with and success in collaborative environments;
  • Ability to work well independently, meet deadlines, and willingness to multitask and assist on a variety of projects;
  • Proven initiative and ability to work as a self-starter;
  • Superior written, verbal, and interpersonal skills.

Desired Qualifications

  • Evidence of scholarship of teaching and learning;
  • Previous experience designing college courses or designing and facilitating professional development workshops, seminars, and presentations.