Trainer/Restorative Justice Specialist - Center for Restorative Justice

Staff Exempt Boston, Massachusetts


Center for Restorative Justice:

The Center for Restorative Justice (CRJ) at Suffolk University was founded to foster collaborative partnerships to support a growing social movement to institutionalize restorative approaches to community building, response to harm, problem-solving and violations of legal and human rights.  Since 1997 Suffolk University Center for Restorative Justice has served as a regional/national/international thought-leader in restorative justice policy and practice development.

The mission of the CRJ is to serve as a bridge between the academy, professionals, and communities through institutions such as public education, training, technical assistance, research, evaluation and scholarship.  As a community-engaged academic center, CRJ fosters restorative approaches to community building, resolving conflict and harm in justice systems, schools and communities.

Trainer/Restorative Justice Specialist

The Trainer/Restorative Justice Specialist supports the mission of the Center for Restorative Justice by building the capacity of others to implement restorative practices. Restorative Justice Trainer Specialists work collaboratively with other CRJ staff to offer training to individuals, institutions and organizations, as well as provide more comprehensive supports to individual schools.

The Trainer/Restorative Justice Specialist is also responsible for planning and delivery of professional development, as well as the coaching and support of school based Leadership Teams (including coordination with BPS site coordinators; facilitating communication among all stakeholders; troubleshooting for each school and coordination with the researchers from American Institute of Research (AIR) to monitor intervention effectiveness).

The ideal candidate has demonstrated experience in urban schools, juvenile justice, and/or social service settings; substantial experience with restorative justice practices in one or more of those settings; experience working with youth; cultural acuity and cultural humility; and is able to work collaboratively and effectively as part of a team.


  • Works with other CRJ team members to develop, refine and conduct all trainings, presentations, and educational events.
  • Works with the Leadership Team at identified locations and convenes, facilitates and records all leadership team meetings
  • Coordinates the logistics of training at each site in collaboration with that site’s coordinator and Leadership Team.
  • Participates regularly in all CRJ planning, CRJ team meetings and meetings with CRJ partners.
  • Collaborates with other CRJ staff (and consultants) on specific project design and delivery
  • Oversees all project-related communication with assigned partners and institutions
  • Act as primary liaison between CRJ partner organizations and institutions and the CRJ
  • Acts as primary liaison between project partners at the institution level
  • Provides timely reports and records.
  • Facilitates team and project communication processes via meetings, reports, email, etc.
  • Represents the work of CRJ within the University, partners, media and Community Members.
  • Represents the work of CRJ positively in meetings with other agency personnel, community members, partnering organizations/agencies and stakeholders.



  • BA/BS in related field; - advanced degree plus
  • Experience, knowledge and commitment in restorative justice
  • Experience and knowledge in urban educational settings
  • Experience working in diverse settings/and demonstrated cultural acuity and cultural humility
  • Ability to work effectively with youth and adults
  • Highly organized, detail oriented with excellent writing and computer skills
  • Public speaking skills and ability to present ideas persuasively