Technology Admin Specialist

Tech Ops Auburn Hills, Michigan


Internet Brands - CarsDirect/Auto Credit Express is looking for a Technology Admin Specialist. Our ideal candidate is a resourceful, take-charge individual who wants to join a stellar team. Candidate must be a motivated, optimistic, detail-oriented, with effective problem solving skills.

Position Overview:

Internet Brands - CarsDirect/Auto Credit Express sees technology as its future. In this position, you will have the opportunity to display your technical skills and your ability to work as a team through relationship building skills. Your success will be rewarded as your opportunities continue to GROW!

- Audit changes to software and web sites being considered for deployment:
- Check source control repositories to ensure proper tracking of changes.
- Evaluate changes for correctness, making fixes or suggesting adjustments when appropriate.
- Perform testing in development/staging environments.
- Communicate within the organization about QA activities.
- Deploy changes to software and web sites:
- Physically deploy changes to production environments (file uploads, etc.).
- Perform post-release production testing.
- Communicate within the organization about production releases.
- Support business initiatives related to software/data/web sites:
- Learn our business model and apply this knowledge to help improve our products and processes.
- Participate in project meetings/discussions.
- Assist in requesting, documenting and communicating changes.
- Provide IT support for the office:
- Manage Windows Active Directory Users and Groups
- Deploy Windows and Mac workstations
- Support and monitor Print Server and File Share.
- Support VOIP phone system as a liaison to VoIP service provider.
- Perform helpdesk support and troubleshooting
- Troubleshoot/Review corporate antivirus/anti-malware software.
- Basic network troubleshooting (LAN/WLAN) at the office.
- Create/update documentation for configurations, processes and procedures.
- Be cross-trained in various other IT duties to provide skill overlap.

Required Skills:
- Ability to quickly learn new technologies as needed.
- Ability to prioritize and keep track of simultaneous tasks & deadlines.
- Excellent problem-solving abilities.
- Produce quality work under pressure, while keeping a professional attitude with co-workers.
- Ability to share information and communicate technical information to local and remote team members in a friendly, concise manner.
- Self-motivated and disciplined.
- Patience and ability to educate users in how to avoid or resolve problems.
- Ability to produce clear technical documentation for both technical and non-technical audiences.
- Ability to follow workplace rules as laid out in employee documentation.
- Have strong verbal and written communication skills.
- Have a sense of humor and love technology!

- Experience doing tech support including Windows environment administration.
- Experience with RingCentral is a plus.
- Experience in operating system deployments is a plus.
- Experience in web development or other software development is a plus.
- Experience working with data or databases is a plus.

Success starts with having the right people. At Internet Brands, we value and mentor each member of our growing team. We seek out talented, goal-oriented professionals who live and breathe the Internet and thrive in a flexible but challenging work environment. Our team of innovators has enabled Internet Brands to sustain high levels of profitability and success while evolving along with the Internet for over 20 years.

At IB, we promote an entrepreneurial, friendly culture that applauds innovation and results while embracing change and independence. Our employees are intensely driven and constantly encouraged to reach higher and use creativity to achieve success – all the while enjoying high levels of collaboration and the luxury of coming to work in jeans and sneakers. We are proud to offer a unique blend of the innovation of a start-up with the history, stability, and benefits of an established corporation.

Internet Brands and its wholly owned affiliates are an equal opportunity employer.