Open Positions

Executive Management

Logistics Assistant Braga, Portugal

Human Resources

HR Data Analyst Braga, Portugal

Information Technology

Outsystems Developer Officer Braga, Portugal

Junior Researcher

Junior Research Fellow - Microfluidic magnetic cell sorting Braga, Portugal
Junior Research Fellow – 2D materials for scalable energy harvesting Braga, Portugal
Junior Research Fellow – Food Product Development: Specialist in colloidal chemistry and encapsulation technologies Braga, Portugal
Junior Research Fellow – Physical and chemical deposition of optical coatings Braga, Portugal

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Fellow (PostDoc) – Electron Microscopy of 2D Materials Braga, Portugal
Research Fellow – Electrolyte/electrode interfaces and electrolytes of Li-based and Na-based batteries by in situ electron microscopy Braga, Portugal

Research Associateships

Bolseiro de Investigação / Research Associateship – Development of samplers based on Covalent Organic Frameworks for the monitoring of pharmaceuticals Braga, Portugal

Research Engineer

Research Engineer - Fabrication of electrochemical sensors for intrapartum monitoring Braga, Portugal
Research Engineer – Graphene Flexible Device Fabrication for Biosensing Applications Braga, Portugal
Research Engineer – Micro and Nanofabrication Facility Braga, Portugal

Research Fellow

Junior Research Fellow - Single-cell studies and 3D spheroids in microfluidics Braga, Portugal

Research Group Leader

Research Group Leader - NOEMS /MOEMS (Nano/ micro Opto Electro-Mechanical-Systems) Braga, Portugal

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