Open Positions


Ref.08.17.131 - Corporate Communication & Branding Manager Braga, Portugal


Ref.11.16.77– Digital Design Engineer Braga, Portugal


Ref. 04. 17. 115 - Financial Controller/Cost Accountant Braga, Portugal
Ref.09.17.151 – Financial Project Assistant Braga, Portugal

Information Technology

Ref.03.17.110 - Information and Communication Systems Officer – Software Developer Braga, Portugal


Ref.03.17.108 - Senior Staff Researcher - Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment follow-up Braga, Portugal
Ref.06.17.120 – Research Fellow – Implantable Biosensors Braga, Portugal
Ref.07.17.136 – Research Fellow – Inter-ocular eye pressure monitoring system Braga, Portugal
Ref.07.17.137 – Research Fellow – Sensor arrays for hand motion driven control in automotive applications Braga, Portugal
Ref.07.17.138 – Research Fellow – Sensor Networks for Smart Cities Braga, Portugal
Ref.07.17.139 – Research Fellow – Biomarker detection in colo-rectal cancer samples Braga, Portugal
Ref.07.17.140 – Research Fellow – Protein biomarker detection for peritoneal fibrosis Braga, Portugal
Ref.07.17.141 – Research Fellow – Advanced solutions for porcelain products Braga, Portugal
Ref.08.17.150– Research Fellow – Coatings for dental implants Braga, Portugal
Ref.11.16.84 – Staff Researcher – Tenure Track Position. Water Monitoring and Treatment Braga, Portugal
Ref.17.07.143 - Research Laboratory Assistant for R&D project on food packaging Braga, Portugal
Ref.17.07.145 – Research Laboratory Assistant on portable detection systems for microalgal toxins Braga, Portugal
Ref.17.07.146 - Junior Fellow - Development and Characterisation of Nanophotonic LEDs Braga, Portugal

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