Node.js Server Engineer

Engineering & Product Singapore, Singapore


As a Node.js Developer at Zopim, you will be part of a small team working on our geographically distributed mediator applications. Your task will be to support feature teams by both developing for them, and by keeping the mediator code neat and understandable to empower them to make their own edits. You will also be responsible for doing continuous technical innovations and performance improvements on the mediator and our custom clustering solution. This role has a close connection with Ops as we work together to make the application robust and stable.


  • At least 3 years of relevant experience
  • Javascript expert (Including keeping up to date with ES6)
  • Has great understanding of distributed architectures
  • Has worked with nodejs clustering solutions
  • Understands how to troubleshoot and debug nodejs apps
  • Intimately familiar with web technologies and protocols (HTTP/websockets/HTTP2)
  • Understands typical web exploits and how to prevent and counter them
  • Very comfortable at the linux CLI (Ubuntu preferred)
  • Very familiar with the usual suspects open source stacks (mysql /redis/memcached/elastic search)
  • Fluent with git
  • Familiar with the OSI model and able to troubleshoot/optimise networking issues


  • Open source enthusiast
  • Good sense of humour
  • Experience with Docker

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