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This is How We Work. This is Zappos Self-organization.

“ Research shows that every time the size of a city doubles innovation or productivity per resident increases by 15 percent. But when companies get bigger, innovation or productivity per employee generally goes down. So we're trying to figure out how to structure Zappos more like a city, and less like a bureaucratic corporation. In a city, people and businesses are self-organizing. We're trying to do the same thing by switching from a normal hierarchical structure to a system called Holacracy, which enables employees to act more like entrepreneurs. ”
– Tony Hsieh,

It’s time to think differently. To move forward. Our business is often changing, and usually pretty fast. Over the last few years, we've seen great growth, but we've also felt a rise in bureaucracy within our organization. In order to evolve, we’ve made changes to the way we operate, how we get things done and how quickly we can do it. We’re a company that isn’t afraid to take risks and question the status quo.

Zappos has a unique way of doing things that will empower you in ways you’ve never dreamed possible, but it will challenge the way you’ve always thought about work. We’re driven by purpose and the work that needs to be done. Self-organization gives you the freedom to come up with new ideas that move the business forward, truly allowing you to drive the passion, grit and innovation needed to deliver happiness to customers, employees, community, vendors and shareholders in a long-term, sustainable way.

Create value. Build something meaningful. Be part of something great. When you see a problem or an opportunity, you are empowered to come up with a solution to fix it. We want you to be able to clear the organizational barriers that stand between you and finding the solutions needed for meaningful change across the company.

A Zapponian. You are self-motivated, and you thrive off working with others who come from the same get-stuff-done mentality. You think like an entrepreneur, constantly innovating and driving positive change, but more importantly you consistently prove it through your actions. You love challenges – the bigger the better. The words “cog in the machine” make you cringe. You like being treated like an adult, but can have fun like a kid. The idea of really being able to improve yourself, those around you and the company you work for excites you so much that you just did a little jig in your chair. C’mon! You can admit it, because we just did as well.

We’re pretty pumped. And we hope you are too. This is self-organization, powered by Zapponians.

Questions & Answers

What is Holacracy? A tool that allows for innovation to come from any employee, rather than just upper management.
How does Holacracy help Zappos? It provides a platform for every employee to present new business ideas, which helps us remain innovative and responsive for our customers.
How are Holacracy meetings different from traditional meetings? Every Holacracy meeting has a facilitator, to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to speak and share ideas.
How will I use Holacracy in my day-to-day job? You will be invited to participate in your team's Holacracy meetings (usually weekly or monthly).
How much do I need to know about Holacracy before joining Zappos? Only that we use it. We give you all the other necessary information during New Hire Training.
Will I still have to report to someone in Holacracy? Yes, someone will be responsible for holding you accountable to your job expectations.
Will I have a job title at Zappos? Yes, every employee has a job title. Titles help us identify ourselves when speaking to anyone outside of Zappos, and help us compensate our employees based on their market value.
Are there progression opportunities at Zappos? Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to earn positions with increased responsibility and increased pay.

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