Data Analyst

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Key responsibilities include

  • Discovering various business use cases for which customers leverage Yodlee data across various business units
  • Analysis of the financial data to increase data quality coverage and accuracy for customers
  • Solutioning to the gaps identified based on data driven decisions
  • Write user stories and review with engineering
  • Understanding the layout, functionality, business content and information contained within a Content Service URL, web site, or data feed
  • Working with multiple teams to ensure the solutioning is understood, built and rolled out successfully
  • Working with our various external partners to improve data quality dimensions
  • Participate in customer calls with CS partners to understand the customer data problems
  • Help to improve effectiveness and efficiency by improving on processes, building automation, building tools, building self-service mechanisms

Mindset, Skill set and Tool set Expectation for the Role

  • Must be a good team player with obsession for customer data delight experience
  • Accountability and ownership driven
  • Fearless mindset to learn and experiment various hypothesis to improve the customer data delight experience
  • Ability to build networking and maintain relationships across different teams
  • Ability to define individual work schedule, set milestones and deliver accordingly
  • Ability to troubleshoot, problem solve, and manage stakeholder issues
  • Strong research and analytical skills on financial data
  • Good prioritization skills based on cost/benefit and impact
  • Good sensing, listening and articulation skill with English as the language medium
  • Agile exposure: Scrum and Kanban
  • Computer skills and software knowledge, preferably Windows, Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • General knowledge of application software and processes in delivering services
  • Desirable technical skills: Knowledge of conceptual database modelling and SQL

Experience required

1+ years of experience working in the Financial Services/Tech Industry (Banking, Finance).