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Job Description  


: India Technology Centre, Vadodara  

Category/Department : Transport Monitoring & Control  

Job Title  

: Test Engineer / Sr. Test Engineer  

: Manager  

Reports To  

Purpose of Position  

: System Testing of M&C solutions for Transport GC  

Summary of the scope of responsibilities  

The ideal candidate will provide test development, verification and validation throughout the product  

development and project execution. Work closely with design engineers, product and project managers to  

develop products / Solutions and to develop test procedures and test cases for final validation.  

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES (Details of the Job Responsibilities)  

1. Participate in M&C (Monitoring and Controls) product development: preparation of test,  

specifications, analysis and recommendations for test criteria during the development of  

new products.  

2. Develop testing solutions, automated test frameworks and test suites to meet business  

needs with respect to functionality, performance, scalability, reliability, realistic schedules  

and adherence to testing goals and principles  

3. Provide embedded / software validation support throughout the product development and  

project execution.  

4. Work closely with engineering team at ITC at both locations (Vadodara and Bangalore),  

product and project managers to develop products and to develop test procedures and  

test cases for final validation.  

5. Understand the project requirements and develop roadmaps.  

6. Estimating task execution time and ensuring on-time delivery of work with quality.  

7. Prepare and get product certifications.  

8. Support and resolve product field issues.  

9. Perform thorough testing with defined product feature, functionality or behavior while being  

developed. Apply different test techniques to find new defects. Work closely with  

development engineers to test a specific functionality, as well as supporting the system  


10. Develop testing tools and work with various stakeholders to ensure standard QE  

processes are implemented and followed at multiple sites across the world. Evaluate,  

recommend, and institutionalize improvements to integration test processes, work  

products/services, and results. Provides test support and mentoring to other members  

outside of the team.  

11. Keep well informed of new features and products/services. Be proactive in understanding  

product/service roadmaps and the implications of new features with peer engineers or self-  


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Job Description  

ATTRIBUTES AND COMPETENCIES (Details of minimum requirements)  

Minimum Professional/educational qualification and experience:  

1. 4-Year bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation / Electrical / Electronics / Electronics &  


Experience Required:  

1. At least 3-4 years of professional experience in areas directly related to embedded products /  

Software/Firmware testing.  

2. Experience in using National Instruments Modules, LabVIEW, Test Stand Programming is must.  

3. Experience in Automated testing Development is preferred.  

Important competencies and knowledge required  

1. An expert in Python, Test Stand, HMI programming.  

2. C programming - nice to have, for developing the test codes for board bring-up.  

3. Experience of communication Protocols (DNP3 / ModBus / ProfiNet / ProfiBus / EtherCAT / OPC  


4. Knowledge of NI RT, FPGA, cRIO, PXI & PCI bus cards, C-Series Modules, USB DAQ etc interfacing  

and data acquisition, simulation. - Must have  

5. Interfacing with GPIB, RS-232, SPI, I2C, RS-485 Modbus.  

6. Knowledge of VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) and Pump Controls is nice to have.  

7. Knowledge of Version control systems to maintain the historical records of test results.  

8. Knowledge of LabView and software testing standards  

Skills and Abilities  

1. A high-energy, self-motivated, results oriented individual  

2. Strong technical, communication, and inter-personal capabilities  

4. Bias toward speed, strong sense of urgency  

5. Comfortable with customers and a customer advocate  

6. Listens and works well in team environment  

7. Ability to solve complex problems  

8. Learns new concepts quickly and autonomously  

9. Ability to manage multiple priorities effectively  

10. Searches out the best practice with continuous improvement mindset  

11. Proficient with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other communication tools  

12. Fluency in English language is must  

Stamina and Adaptability  

1. Capable of working with cross functional team  

2. Adaptability to work with different work culture, time zones.  

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Job Description  

3. Extensive lab testing, moving small equipment, etc.  

Working Conditions  

1. Electrical test labs, high voltage potentials.  

2. Pump controls & test machines and rooms, high voltage potentials, mechanical hazards (moving  

machinery), high temperature hazards (hot metal, sparks)  

3. Occasional travel, both domestic and international  

Reviewed and Approved By and Date:  

Noted By and Date:  

Department Head:  

H R Department:  

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