Proposal & Application Engineering (Engineer/Manage)

Sales Thane (West), India


Doc No. :D/HRD/03  

Rev. No. 00  

Job Description  

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: Thane- Mumbai, India  

Category/Department : Treatment- Proposal & Application Engineering  

Job Title  

: Sr. Engineer / Asst. Manager - Proposal & Application Engineering  

: Head / Sr. Manager - Proposal & Application Engineering  

Reports To  

Purpose of Position  

: Proposal, Cost estimation, Process Design and Application Engineering  

Summary of the scope of responsibilities  

Reporting to the Head/ Sr. Manager of Proposal & Application Engineering as part of Xylem-Treatment  

team, shall be responsible for the preparation of Proposal, Estimation & Process Application, developing  

proposal outline and compliance matrix. Knowledge on Waste and waste water field is a must  

requirement, having Bachelor/Master Degree in Chemical/Mechanical/Environmental.  

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES (Details of the Job Responsibilities):  

Working in conjunction with the sales team, must be able to work with senior members to identify  

and provide reliable solutions for all technical issues to assure complete customer satisfaction  

through all stages of the sales process.  

Study tenders, enquiries from customer, aid in designing the process, product selection,  

estimation and developing proposal and compliance matrix, and ensuring the progress of the  


Assist the Capture/Sales Team during technical discussion with the customers..  

Participate in the development and review of proposal strategies and themes, and manage the  

development of a Proposal Management Plan (PMP).  

Assist in analyzing the RFP/bid requirements against the proposal outline to ensure both  

compliance and responsiveness to the customer’s issues and needs.  

Assist in building the proposal compliance matrix and track the fulfillment of all requirements.  

Aid in process selection, design, cost estimate and proposal to ensure requirements are  

adequately addressed.  

Participate in regular proposal progress status meetings and maintain the proposal schedule.  

Contribute to develop a bid submission plan for the interim review and internal evaluation of the  

technical, management, and overall proposal approaches.  

Other reasonable and normal duties associated with the Proposal engineer position, as directed  

by the Head of Proposal & Application Engineering.  

Participate to the technological transfer of various established or emerging technologies within  

Xylem and various growth centers, particularly in the strategic sector of waste water and water  

treatment. This transfer will be commercial in nature (to the sales team) and technical (to the  

conception and fabrication team).  

Attend pre-qualification, design and risk review meetings.  

Attend meetings with clients as required.  

Analyze data related to an application. Use that analysis to size and position equipment for a  

project. Supply an equipment list, calculations, layout sketches and a quotation covering the  

recommended equipment.  

Continually improve sizing programs and tools relating to the application of the company  

equipment. Show specific evidence of how you improved these tools.  

Develop conceptual Design Documentation including  

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Doc No. :D/HRD/03  

Rev. No. 00  

Job Description  

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PFDs, P&IDs, Layouts  

Preliminary Bills of Materials,  

Electrical load lists and prelim control lists  

Risk and Competitive analysis of the Proposal offerings.  


Minimum 5 – 10 years’ experience in water and wastewater field.  

Knowledge of design and principles for water & waste treatment plants and equipment a major  


Cost Estimation  

Ability to learn and deliver quickly  

Knowledge of Indian Water and Wastewater sectors not limited to Municipal but Industrial sector  

as well.  

Experience in an EPC or engineering firm.  

Must be able to meet deadlines and costs.  

Self-sufficient, responsible, organized.  

Result oriented.  

Focuses on technical problem resolution.  

Work within a multi-disciplinary team.  

Strong communication skills.  


Knowledge or experience in water and waste water field  

Bachelor’s Degree in chemical/ mechanical / Environmental engineering.  

Master’s Degree in water treatment or equivalent will be preferred;  

English (both written and spoken).  

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