Director of Maintenance

Air Shuttle Operations McClellan, California


Position at GMJ Air Shuttle

Director of Maintenance

The Director of Maintenance (DOM) is responsible for all aircraft maintenance, the direct supervision of personnel, and oversight of line maintenance performed on company operated aircraft by contract agencies.


  • Ensure the quality of management of the system safety elements listed in the Responsibility and Authority for Procedures section of this chapter.
  • Oversight of OEM relations and processes.
  • Coordinate closely with the Director of Operations on any maintenance events which may affect schedule reliability.
  • Oversee the tracking, management, and execution of any valid warranty claims related to company aircraft.
  • Liaison to the client for all aircraft maintenance matters, ensuring the quality of all reporting to the client.
  • Establish and maintain necessary manpower required to provide a comprehensive aircraft maintenance program.
  • Responsible to coordinate and communications all maintenance activities system-wide.
  • Responsible for the direction and monitoring of all maintenance production systems, records and activities in accordance with the GOM, company procedures and applicable Federal Aviation Regulations.
  • Responsible for annual maintenance budget, including cleaning and detailing of aircraft.
  • When scheduled or unscheduled maintenance dictates, manage RFP process for external vendors to limit cost and down time for maintenance events.
  • Required to administrate maintenance program parts agreements, including Embraer EEC and OSS programs and Rolls-Royce Corporate Care engine programs.
  • Primary liaison to the FAA regarding aircraft maintenance activities, ensuring the quality of all correspondence and reports.
  • Prepare and process all FAA and company required reports and analysis.
  • Responsible to review and assemble all maintenance records for aircraft coming into or leaving company operations, including the addition or deletion of aircraft to or from the operating certificate.
  • Secures FAA approvals and certifications as necessary.
  • Conduct monitoring and performance audits of all 3rd party (subcontractor) agreements and/or contracts that Supplier engages in to perform the Scope of Work.
  • Coordinate & communicate with Airport Management regarding line service.
  • Including training of ramp service personnel.
  • Maintain training records for the ramp service personnel at KMHR, KHIO, KIWA & KSJC


  • 5 or more years’ supervisory experience on like type aircraft in a flight operations environment
  • Be qualified through training, experience and expertise;
  • To the extent of their responsibilities, have a full understanding of the following materials with respect to the certificate holder's operation:
  • Aviation safety standards and safe operating practices
  • 14 CFR Chapter 1 (Includes 14 CFR 1 through 199)
  • The certificate holder's operations specifications
  • All appropriate maintenance and airworthiness requirements of 14 CFR (e.g., Parts 1, 21, 23, 25, 43, 45, 47, 65, 91, and 125
  • The manual required by 14 CFR 125.249
  • Hold a current mechanic certificate with airframe and powerplant ratings
  • Must have strong communication skills


Department: Maintenance
Reports to: Director of Operations
Location: McClellan, CA; Mather, CA
FLSA Classification: Exempt


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