Crew Planning Coordinator

Scheduling, Dispatch, Flight Operations Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Position at XOJET Aviation LLC

The Crew Planning Coordinator’s main role is to plan and execute the long-term roster for all our crew members including managing vacation requests as well as seniority schedule bidding. Additionally, this role is also required to efficiently plan crew training events and coordinate with the Training department to ensure efficient utilization of resources and business continuity. All of which must be done while ensuring full crew coverage of the entire fleet at all times including finding additional resources to cover for unforeseen circumstances well in advance.

Crew Planning/Rostering
• Long-term planning of crew roster (pilots and CH) to ensure maximum coverage at all times. This includes:
o Executing and implementing of all rotation and vacation bids – annual and ad-hoc.
o Constant balancing of roster based on vacation/bid, swap requests as and when applicable.
o Ensuring all crew rosters are published as far in advance as possible
o Ensuring that the system is always updated
• Working daily with Head of Cabin Services to align CH schedules and weekly goals
o Provide Cabin Hostess with a Holiday Shift.
o Coordinate CH to be paired with trainers for upgrades and line checks prior to rotation
• Working closely with the Travel department for transportation and hotel bookings for crew proceeding days.

Crew training coordination:
• In coordination with the Training Department:
• Plan all crew members’ training activity (recurrent, line training and office-based training)
• Determine when best to send crew for training while minimizing impact to fleet schedule
• Ensure that the Training department is booking training slots as and when needed
• Maintaining a constant overview of recurrent expiries each month
• Assist with recurrent SIM planning

Other Duties
• Other duties as assigned by the Crew Planning and Scheduling Manager.

Given the level of the individual contributor position within the company, expectation is the individual contributor demonstrates a proficient level of the following proficiencies/competencies.
• Plan and organize work: Require the ability to create and use logical, systematic processes to achieve goals. Having the ability to visualize the steps needed to reach a goal and naturally organize the process, modifying, as necessary.
• Interpersonal communication: Effectively communicate, develop, and foster strong working relationships to drive team growth, engagement, and productivity.
• Collaboration: Working together to a common purpose to achieve team and business benefit. Enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose.
• Deliver consistent results: Follow through on tasks and goals to support team/operations success and improvements.
• Job Knowledge/Technical Knowledge: Understands work responsibilities and adds to knowledge and skills.

Supervisory responsibilities:
This position will not have direct reports.

Work environment:
The primary work environment is in the office area. The noise level in the work environment is low.

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