Senior Research Manager

Architecture/Design Mountain View, California


Senior Research Manager
R+D for the Built Environment (@XL Construction), Full-Time
Mountain View, CA

Who we are/ What we do:
R+D for the Built Environment (@XL Construction) is the ideas workshop for a large tech company in Mountain View. We are architects, engineers, researchers, designers, inventors, dreamers and builders who are obsessed with meaningfully shaping our environment. We are a community of optimistic, passionate, action-oriented solution-seekers who love to say “yes” and then create the path to deliver on that answer. From the scale of the Desk to the scale of the District, we generate ideas and prototypes that deliver immediate tangible value, and project a resilient, resource efficient, technologically-enriched and beautiful future. 

What You Do:
As a Senior Research Manager, you will manage multiple initiatives related to the built environment and the AEC industry. You have the ability to transition adeptly between a wide variety of topics that you may not be an expert in, ranging from architectural design to energy systems to software architecture. No matter what the subject, you can rapidly uncover key opportunities and obstacles to innovation. You have the ability to determine long- and short-range research priorities and pathways even when operating in ambiguous and shifting contexts. You thrive in interdisciplinary teams and are able to hear and unify varied viewpoints and stakeholders.

You will manage a range of design research initiatives, and oversee a complex network of consultants and internal stakeholders. You are eager to explore and can execute on a wide array of activities to support design research and development, including running workshops and design sprints; using sensors and digital technologies for high-fidelity data collection; and managing the construction of full-scale prototypes. You are hungry for knowledge and are ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into content. You have the ability to maintain a high level view as well as the ability to get into the details as needed on initiatives to help teams prioritize goals so they can work most effectively to the best outcomes. You are an adept natural communicator, optimistic and positive. You thrive in an energetic and optimistic team environment where we deeply respect each other and try to leave each other feeling inspired and energized. 


  • Takes ownership of initiatives assigned, establishes teams both internal and consultant-based, and plans out quarterly work with schedules, and key milestones, budgets, goals and priorities, and tracking mechanisms.
  • Develops, leads, and executes research plans to achieve actionable insights for cross-functional Lab initiatives.
  • Leads a team of internal designers, researchers, and creators to successfully execute the lab’s initiatives and overall goals.
  • Checks in regularly with lab leadership; facilitates meetings and workshops and other processes necessary for a high quality work product
  • Identifies good consultant partners and executes all contracts necessary to build out the right consultant team to successfully complete initiatives
  • Has an open and flexible attitude toward developing alternate solutions and methods to enhance or supplant industry norms, and has enough knowledge to understand the impacts of the norms that are broken.
  • Embodies the ethos and expands the ambitions of the R+D Lab.


  • Architect or Engineer with an advanced degree, and 6+ years practical experience with design, project management, applied research, innovation programs, or technology incubator or commercialization programs.
  • Thrives in ambiguity. Ability to deliver on goals that will shift and morph over time. Ability to work towards long term ambitions in addition to short term deliverables.
  • Ability to quickly understand principles, pain points, and industry relevancy of complex, technical content.
  • Ability to lead and navigate multi-disciplinary teams on high-stakes projects.
  • Excellent planning skills, including careful attention to detail, information organization and timeline tracking; ability to utilize data to tell a story.
  • Ability to rapidly identify potential exposures/roadblocks and strategies to overcome them.
  • Ability to foresee challenges, identify red flags, and develop and implement mitigation strategies.
  • Ability to rapidly assess risk, make decisions, and execute action plans.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively across many teams and at all organizational levels.
  • Strong communication skills in written, verbal, and graphical form.
  • Solution-Seeking and action-oriented.
  • Relentless curiosity and a passion for the built environment.
  • An obsession with user-centered discovery and design.

This position is for full-time employment with XL Construction, at the R+D Lab located on the premises of a large tech company in Mountain View, CA.

Please submit professional credentials, including curriculum vitae, cover letter, and work samples for our consideration.