Workplace Innovations Designer

Architecture/Design Mountain View, California


Workplace Innovations Designer
R+D for the Built Environment (@XL Construction), Full-Time
Mountain View, CA

Who we are/ What we do:
R+D for the Built Environment (@XL Construction) is the ideas workshop for a large tech company in Mountain View. We are architects, engineers, researchers, designers, inventors, dreamers and builders who are obsessed with meaningfully shaping our environment. We are a community of optimistic, passionate, action-oriented solution-seekers who love to say “yes” and then create the path to deliver on that answer. From the scale of the Desk to the scale of the District, we generate ideas and prototypes that deliver immediate tangible value, and project a resilient, resource efficient, technologically-enriched and beautiful future. 

What You Do:
As the Workplace Innovations Designer, you are a non-traditional design leader supporting several of our workplace and interiors initiatives, providing design vision, guidance and management for these initiatives. You are a jack or jill of many trades, driven by innovation and creative solutions. You are also a collaborative leader, facilitating the relationships necessary to generate the most exciting new solutions. You have the ability to maintain a high level view as well as the ability to get into the details as needed on initiatives to help teams prioritize goals so that they can work most effectively, through weekly meetings and daily communication. You are an adept natural communicator, optimistic and positive. You identify with the success of the team, and dive in to do whatever it takes to create the best work. You thrive in an energetic and optimistic team environment where we deeply respect each other and try to leave each other feeling inspired and energized.


  • Understanding, supporting, and contributing to the future-focused design vision on multiple workplace and interiors initiatives with a variety of teams, and providing guidance, design oversight, and management for the teams.  This includes design contributions within the content of the work as well as graphics, narrative, and presentation of the work to stakeholder groups.
  • Defining and developing concepts and prototypes to test with users.
  • Planning and performing user research and data collection activities, preparing and running pilots, receiving and assessing user feedback, and implementing in the design as needed.
  • Checking in regularly with the lab leadership and project leads; facilitating meetings and workshops.
  • Identifying good design and consultant partners to build out the right team to successfully complete initiatives.
  • Having an open and flexible attitude toward developing alternate solutions and methods to enhance or supplant industry norms, and having enough knowledge to understand the impacts of the norms that are broken.
  • Embodying the ethos and expanding the ambitions of the R+D Lab.


  • Interior Architect or Interior Designer with a degree in Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design or Architecture, and 4-6 years of practical experience.
  • Experience in delivering exceptional solutions for a range of different large-scale commercial workplace interiors projects.
  • Knowledge of how to deliver a workplace interiors project; understands code, pain points of stakeholders, areas of risk, the cost and schedule implications of design decisions.
  • Excellent planning skills, including careful attention to detail, love of materiality, information organization and timeline tracking; ability to utilize data to tell a story.
  • Tools for understanding potential exposures/roadblocks and strategies to overcome them.
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively across many teams and at all organizational levels.
  • Solution-seeking and action-oriented.
  • Demonstrated positive and effective leadership.
  • Creative problem solver.
  • Working knowledge of building and planning codes, with the ability to foresee regulatory or bureaucratic obstacles to execution.
  • Relentless curiosity and a passion for the built environment.
  • An obsession with user-centered discovery and design process.
  • Future-focused.

This position is for full-time employment with XL Construction, at the R+D Lab located on the premises of a large tech company in Mountain View, CA.

Please submit professional credentials, including curriculum vitae, cover letter, and portfolio of work for our consideration.