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WRI intends to award a Fixed Price type contract for an evaluation of Global Forest Watch (GFW), a forest monitoring, open data platform hosted by the Institute. The Evaluation will investigate the role of GFW in fostering increased transparency and accountability for global commitments to deforestation (e.g., the New York Declaration on Forests, sustainability commitments made by multinational companies, etc.). The results of the Evaluation will inform future programming, such as platform development, research, and engagement, to improve GFW’s core offering to the international community. All bidders and proposals must abide by the procurement rules laid out in Annex B.

The proposal deadline is April 29, 2021. The Evaluation is expected to begin on June 10, 2021 and is expected to be completed, along with all deliverables, by November 30, 2021.

To see the full Request for Proposal (RFP), please visit WRI's procurement site and reference the opportunity "Evaluation of Global Forest Watch." Alternatively, please e-mail the point of contact at the bottom of this listing to receive a full PDF of the RFP, including all Annexes. 

Evaluation Schedule:

  • Kick-off meeting with GFW Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) staff and leadership
  • Finalization of roles of the Evaluation Team members and of evaluation methods
  • Detailed evaluation schedule established
  • Completion of Deliverable 1: Evaluation schedule & evaluation methods
June - Sept
  • Evaluation activities (desk research, surveys, and interviews) conducted
  • Completion of Deliverable 2: Survey questions, survey data (spreadsheet of survey responses), interview questions, interview data (interview notes & transcripts)
Sept - Oct
  • Analysis of data collected from the evaluation activities
  • Completion of Deliverable 3: Survey and interview data analyses
Nov 1-21
  • Final deliverable report writing
  • Completion of Deliverable 4: Report draft
Nov 22
  • Presentation of evaluation results to GFW
  • Completion of Deliverable 5: Slide deck presentation
  • Final report and all remaining Evaluation materials (including but not limited to raw data and analyses) submitted to GFW
  • Completion of Deliverable 6: Final report
GFW will consider proposals up to USD $35,000, which will be paid in four installments.
  1. First installment: delivery and approval by the GFW Team of Deliverable 1
  2. Second installment: delivery and approval by the GFW Team of Deliverable 2
  3. Third installment: delivery and approval by the GFW Team of Deliverables 3 & 4
  4. Fourth installment: delivery and approval by the GFW Team of Deliverables 5 & 6
Please note that WRI is an IRS-registered 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization. WRI is not VAT exempt. All prices or quotes should include VAT and tax, as applicable

The evaluation will seek to address the following questions:
  • How is GFW contributing to strengthened accountability for global forest commitments, and how does this support tropical forest conservation? 
  • How do international stakeholders engaged on tropical forest conservation perceive the credibility, reliability, and usefulness of GFW information?   
  • What additional investments in data, analysis, or website functionality could enhance GFW’s value to these audiences?   The consultant will be responsible for working with GFW staff to address the evaluation questions above. The two parties involved will form the Evaluation Team.
The Evaluation is expected to include the following components, with the indicative level of effort by the consultant in parentheses:

In-depth interviews with key international forest actors (60%): This will be the primary data collection method of the evaluation and the primary responsibility of the consultant. The consultant should:
  • Identify key informants in collaboration with GFW staff
  • Design the interview questions
  • Plan and coordinate interviews
  • Conduct interviews independently with confidentiality
These interviews will explore how GFW does or does not contribute to policy changes and strengthening accountability for global forest commitments. The target group for interviewees are important global forest policy stakeholders and influencers, who may or may not be current GFW users. The selection of interviewees should not only focus on existing GFW users, but on potential users, drawn from the consultant's knowledge of the forest management sector

Report writing (20%):
  • The consultant will compile findings from the survey and the in-depth interviews into a written report, which will be the main deliverable of this Evaluation. It will address the evaluation questions and suggest next steps that GFW should take to improve its offering.
  • The consultant is expected to take the lead on the evaluation activities, with the GFW staff in a support and coordination role. In particular, the consultants will be expected to be the sole party responsible for the data analysis and final report writing.
  • All raw data, analyses, and materials used in the Evaluation will be given to GFW staff at the end of the Evaluation.
Design and analyze online survey of GFW flagship and GFR users (15%):
  • The consultant will collaborate with GFW staff to design a survey instrument, which will be deployed by GFW staff, using WRI tools.
  • The consultant will analyze survey responses, and results will be included in the final report.
  • The purpose of the surveys is to broadly understand who users are and why they come to GFW and the GFR. Results will provide. general insights into the international forest community’s perceptions of the data and analyses provided by GFW and of the GFW website.
  • They will create important background information to help frame the subsequent in-depth interviews conducted with a few key policy actors in the global forest community.
Desk research (5%):
  • The consultant will help guide the desk research primarily conducted by GFW staff. While this secondary research will mainly be the responsibility of GFW staff, it is meant to inform the primary research components of the evaluation, for which the consultant is responsible. Thus, the consultant will work with GFW staff to ensure the research is sufficient for the consultant’s needs.
  • Desk research will be a collection of evidence, examples, and trends in how GFW is being referenced in news media, research publications, and other online communications outputs related to international forest policy.
The selected consultants are asked to demonstrate capacity through successful experience demonstrating the following:
  • Expertise on international forest policy and experience working on forest issues
  • Demonstrated experience in interview design and conduction
  • Demonstrated experience in survey design and implementation
  • Demonstrated experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) and facilitation skills
  • Ability to effectively conduct the work remotely
  • Experience in conducting project evaluations
  • Proficiency in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and/or Bahasa Indonesia
  • Familiarity with open data and open source
How to Apply
Proposal Content
Prospective consultants should submit the following: 
  1. Detailed methods, strategy, and work plan on how to best conduct the surveys and interviews to address the evaluation questions. This document should be a maximum of 3 pages. Please reference the Evaluation Terms of Reference in Annex A when compiling this document. (Reminder: to view the full RFP with all Annexes, please visit WRI's procurement site: or e-mail the contact below requesting a PDF of the RFP.)
  2. CV/resume of the applicant
  3. Examples of and references for similar previous work
  4. A writing sample that describes conclusions from quantitative or qualitative analysis
  5. A proposed budget with a breakdown of costs sufficient to assess reasonableness. Please also include a competitive payment schedule associating amounts with work milestones
  6. Written confirmation that the consultant understands and meets all requirements laid out in Annex B.
All expressions of interest and questions about this RFP must be received via email to the contact below or via Jobvite by April 22, 2021 by 5 pm (EST-Washington, DC). Answers to the questions will be shared with all parties who have asked questions or otherwise expressed interest. An email stating interest in completing a proposal is sufficient for the statement of interest.

Stephanie Jamilla
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist
[email protected]

Cc to: [email protected]

All proposals must be sent by April 29, 2021 by 5pm (EST-Washington, DC) in electronic format (PDF or Microsoft Word document) to the same contact listed above. 

Evaluation Criteria
The following elements will be the primary considerations in evaluating all proposals submitted in response to this RFP:
  • Completion of all required elements 
  • The extent to which the consultant’s proposal fulfills WRI’s stated requirements as set out in the RFP
  • The robustness and appropriateness of the methodological approaches to the Evaluation
  • Experience with similar projects, that engages project stakeholders
  • Experience in the international forest policy sphere
  • Overall cost of the consultant’s proposal
  • Debarment and sanctions – WRI will not consider proposals from consultants that are presently debarred by the U.S. government or named on any restricted parties lists
  • Sustainability – WRI values sustainability and all other factors being equal, will favor a proposal to more sustainably perform the work.   The bidder offering the best overall value will be selected. 
For this procurement, price and non-price aspects are considered to be of approximately equal importance.

Selection Process
No proposal development costs shall be charged to WRI, and all expenses are to be borne by the bidders. WRI may award to the bidder offering best value without discussions. However, WRI reserves the right to seek bidder clarifications and to negotiate with those bidders deemed to be within a competitive range.

WRI may, at its discretion and without explanation to the prospective consultants choose to discontinue this RFP without obligation to such prospective consultants or make multiple awards under this RFP. Contracts will not be awarded to consultants debarred by the US government or named on restricted parties lists. 

About the World Resources Institute
Founded in 1982, WRI is a global environmental think tank that goes beyond research to put ideas into action. We work with governments, companies, and civil society to build solutions to urgent environmental challenges. WRI’s transformative ideas protect the earth and promote development because sustainability is essential to meeting human needs and fulfilling human aspirations in the future. 

About Global Forest Watch
Global Forest Watch is an interactive, online forest monitoring and alert system that provides the most current, reliable and actionable information about what is happening in forests worldwide. Combining satellite technology, cloud computing and human networks, GFW creates radical transparency that can be leveraged to safeguard and maintain the world’s forests.   

GFW uses a variety of satellites to detect forest clearing annually for the entire planet, including weekly data for an increasing number of tropical countries and daily for forest fires around the world. GFW also provides the latest information on land use allocation, such as logging and mining permits, and information about other forest values, such as carbon storage.   

Since its launch in 2014, the GFW system has been used by more than 4 million people from every country in the world, ranging from law enforcement officers, journalists and advocacy groups to government ministries, community forest rangers and Fortune 500 businesses. GFW demonstrates how improved information can spur action, with the system being used by big agribusiness to take deforestation out of supply chains, indigenous peoples to secure their traditional lands, governments to tackle forest fires, and the media to break stories on illegal clearing. 

The GFW platform is comprised of the following: 
  • The flagship GFW website provides access to the best available geospatial information about forests - where they are and how and why they're changing - and tools to analyze forest data. It also includes the GFW blog, which provides expert analysis of GFW data and stories from the field
  • The Global Forest Review (GFR) is a living online report that provides insights and analyses the state of the world’s forests, using GFW data
  • GFW Pro provides large organizations with a secure environment to analyze high volumes of proprietary areas of interest for deforestation by various landcover categories
  • The Forest Watcher mobile and web application provides offline access to deforestation and fire alerts and a field reporting interface
  • MapBuilder, a mapping application using ArcGIS Online, which allows users to build customizable websites similar to the GFW website. It also includes Forest Atlases, which are made in conjunction with governments, meant to combine government data with the latest forest monitoring technology
  • The Open Data Portal provides download links to most of the data on GFW. It also allows access to the GFW application’s data layers and their metadata information