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Data Analysis & Technical Research Bengaluru, India

GIS Analyst, Urban Developmemnt – Sustainable Cities


What is WRI?

WRI India, an independent charity legally registered as the India Resources Trust, provides objective information and practical proposals to foster environmentally sound and socially equitable development. Our work focuses on building sustainable and liveable cities and working towards a low carbon economy. Through research, analysis, and recommendations, WRI India puts ideas into action to build transformative solutions to protect the earth, promote livelihoods, and enhance human well-being.

We are inspired by and associated with World Resources Institute (WRI), a global research organisation with more than 400 experts and other staff around the world. World Resources Institute began in Washington, DC, in 1982 to provide cutting edge analysis to address global environment and development challenges. WRI spans more than 50 countries, with offices in BrazilChina, Europe, India, Indonesia, and the United States. In all of these locations, WRI works with government, business, and civil society to drive ambitious action based on high-quality data and objective analysis.

WRI India has the capacity to convene key stakeholders, and forge strategic partnerships with governments, business, foundations, civil society organizations, institutes and NGOs, to scale-up solutions that can bring game-changing results for the sustainable management of natural resources in India.


Position Overview:
WRI India is seeking a GIS analyst with demonstrated professional and research experience working with environmental and urban planning data for its Integrated Urban Planning (IUP) initiative within the WRI India. The position is based in Bengaluru, India.
IUP is planning to undertake work cutting across multiple sectors such as geographic, demographic, economic (industries, employment, land values), housing, governance, transport, and other natural resources (soil conditions, water resources, air quality, geomorphology, topography, forests, etc.), and their interrelationship at the regional level. A framework for Sustainable Regional Planning will be developed after carefully establishing correlations among trends and policies in the above sectors, keeping in view the geopolitical realities and technological advancements.

The selected GIS analyst will assist the project manager in:

  • Collecting and collating the spatial and non-spatial data from open and proprietary sources (including government, private, institutional and open sources)
  • Creating and developing spatial and non-spatial datasets and updating them periodically
  • Analyzing the spatial and non-spatial actors involved in regional and economic planning of cities
  • Establishing correlations across multiple sectoral datasets.
  • Developing a set of regional growth scenarios and generating spatial simulations
  • Producing 2D and 3D maps and visualizations to support decision making
  • Presenting the findings at various fora to invite inputs from stakeholders
  • Coordinating GIS related work across multiple work areas within WRI and assisting in spatial analysis wherever needed


  • Master’s or doctoral degree in geography, Environmental science, Earth sciences, Geomatics, Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing or other related fields.


  • At least 2 years after masters


Technical Skills:

  • Experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/web-mapping, particularly ESRI ArcGIS software, AutoCAD and other Image processing softwares like ERDAS, ENVI
  • Experience with Google Earth Engine
  • Sound knowledge of spatial analytics and modelling
  • Knowledge of National Urban Information Services (NUIS, India) data classification standards and open data standards
  • Knowledge of Remote Sensing
  • Experience with coding, particularly Python, R, Java script
  • Experience with spatial database development and Web-GIS development
  • Proficiency in cartography
  • Experience with softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
    Ability to produce high quality maps for publication strongly preferred
    International work experience is a plus

 Other Skills :

  • Demonstrated research experience working with environmental and urban planning data in spatial format
  • Experience of working with Government and private sector projects
  • Strong inter-personal skills, working with people from a variety of backgrounds
  • Strong analytical and communication skills
  • Highly responsible and self-motivated
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to work with tight deadlines

 Salary and Benefits

Salary shall be commensurate with experience and skills. WRI offers a generous and comprehensive benefits package.

 Location:Bangalore, India

 To Apply: Qualified applicants should apply online at All applications must be submitted online through this career portal in order to be formally considered. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interview purpose.

 Finalized candidate will be required to take a writing/analytical test.

 As an Equal Opportunity Employer, it is WRI’s policy to recruit, hire, and provide opportunities for advancement in all job classifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, citizenship, marital status, sexual preference, parental status, or disability. WRI’s global agenda requires a staff that is diverse – with respect to race, gender, cultural, and international background. Diverse perspectives and experience enhance the way WRI selects and approaches issues, as well as the creativity and applicability of WRI's policy research and analysis. WRI, therefore, encourages applications from U.S. minorities, persons from other countries (especially developing nations), and from women of all backgrounds.