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Locations:  US, Home Office / Huntsville, AL / Washington, DC / San Antonio, TX  





In a world increasingly driven by software innovation, Star Lab is pioneering technologies to protect mission-critical systems and devices from sophisticated cyber threats. Armed with a long, successful track record securing combat systems, we employ a modern zero-trust systems security engineering approach that leverages cutting-edge security hardware and software protections.     


Our products are designed at the outset to handle worst-case threat scenarios. We prevent attackers from tampering with and altering software and firmware and severely limit maneuverability to ensure that mission-critical systems remain resilient and operate normally even during an attack. “Our software has a proven track record securing mission-critical systems in aerospace and defense and is emerging in other important markets such as industrial, medical, and telecommunications.”     


If you’re passionate about amplifying your impact on the world in a caring, respectful culture that is based on a growth mindset, startup mentality, and customer-focused, come join us and help lead the way into the future of the intelligent edge!     



This opportunity requires a thorough understanding of the Linux kernel, embedded Linux, and various Linux build tools.  Applicants should also have low-level software development skills and be comfortable working with embedded security enablers like TPMs, ARM Trustzone, etc.       


Interface & Collaboration     

Working with the leading provider of security for embedded software solutions, you will work with the some of the most talented engineers in the security industry to devise and market technical solutions to challenging problems.      


As our customers look to gain a competitive advantage in this digital first world, they are looking to companies like Star Lab to partner with in their journey.  Star Lab is answering this call through our delivery of embedded security and intellectual property (IP) products that enable intelligent edge device developers to ‘build-in’ security and protections.      


Your opportunity is to join as a key member or highly talented and highly motivated field engineering team. You will be responsible for understanding our customers business and technical needs and to reach them in the capacity of technical evangelist and trusted advisor in crafting the next generation Intelligent systems.       


  • As an experienced system architect in a customer facing role, you will be guiding customers through their security journey. Responsibilities include understanding their technical needs, architecting technical solutions, and demonstrating them through product presentations, proof of concepts, and evaluations.
  • You will engage with customers in a consultative and business led approach striving to help them maximize their security goals through aligning with Star Lab’s security products.
  • You will focus on crafting ideal technical solutions and business strategy that is win-win for customers and Star Lab.
  • You will leverage knowledge of embedded security, operating systems, virtualization technology, anti-tamper, or other areas of expertise to evaluate customer requirements, devise solutions / approaches, and meet challenging delivery deadlines.
  • Build compelling technical marketing content (videos, whitepapers, blog posts, etc.) that translates product features to customer value and helps maintain Star Lab’s position as a technical leader in the embedded security market and aligns with Star Lab product and marketing strategies.



Core Competencies & Demonstrated Success     

  • This position requires experience with Redhat and Yocto Linux, the Linux kernel, Linux security APIs, secure boot technologies, Arm and Intel architectures, and a good understanding of DevSecOps development methodologies.
  • Strong C development, debugging, and problem-solving skills.
  • Understanding of information security practices (cryptography, privilege separation, etc.)
  • Familiarity with intelligent edge use-cases such as robotics, medical devices, industrial devices, automotive technologies, and AI software stacks is a plus.
  • Strong communication skills exhibited through technical presentations, white boarding, qualification.
  • Embedded software development and system architecture experience (e.g. Linux, bootloaders, security hardware, etc.) is a plus.
  • Familiarity with safety standards, networking fundamentals, and cyber security standards is a plus.
  • Familiarity with other languages such as Python and Rust is a plus.

Some amount of travel will be required.     



  • BSCS or BSEE is required.
  • 5+ years of embedded software development or solutions architecting.
  • Security clearance or the ability to obtain a security clearance.



This role is part of Star Lab's Sales organization and has an On Target Earnings (OTE) consisting of 80% base salary plus a 20% variable commission.  Over-achievement of the variable portion is possible.  The OTE range for this role’s listed grade level is currently $189,300 - $255,520 for Colorado, New York (except NYC) and New Jersey residents, and $195,000 - $263,320 for SF Bay Area, NYC, Washington, DC, and Greater Seattle residents. Salary ranges are determined through interviews and a review of education, experience, knowledge, skills, location and abilities of the applicant, and equity with other team members.     


US Citizens Only - Special Clearance Requirements     

This position will perform work that the U.S. government has specified can only be performed by a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and therefore any offer will be contingent upon verification of both of these requirements.     





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