Field Chemist/Scientist for Emergency Response

Science Lakewood, Colorado


Weston Solutions is seeking an eager field chemist/scientist to become a member of the START emergency response team providing our EPA client with accurate and pertinent scientific data according to agreed upon methods, procedures, and techniques. Provides sound conclusions and recommendations based upon field investigations and literature reviews within the established project schedules.

Position Duties:

Duties will include rotations as an “on-call” responder available 24hrs a day for a week at a time. Maintain preparedness for immediate mobilization while on-call.

Calibration and maintenance of a variety of multi-media monitoring and sampling equipment. Document field activities and prepare daily and final reports for EPA client.

In-field multimedia sampling including air, groundwater, surface water, sediment and soil.

Conduct field chemistry testing such as identification of unknown, potentially hazardous chemicals.

Conduct field tests of acid mine drainage fluids and determine mixing ratios for neutralization of the fluids.

Proficient in the writing of technical documents and plans.

Use level D-A PPE 

Exercises judgment on applicability of methods and approaches in use, and determines best approaches

to problem solving when standard procedures are inadequate.

Determines best method of data gathering, data base management, and analysis of data to achieve goals.

Consults with outside specialists to obtain most accurate and timely data possible while meeting project specifications and time tables.

Report preparation

Produces quality samples and sampling techniques from which sound scientific data can be drawn into relevant and pertinent evaluation reports to the client's satisfaction.

Provides completed projects including draft and final reports within the established budget and schedule.


BS degree in Environmental Science or Chemistry and at least five (5) years experience in the application of chemistry principles at hazardous waste sites and/or spills of oil or hazardous substances.

Proficiency in the use and preparation of standards and reagents for Hazardous Categorization Analysis (HAZCAT).

Knowledge of chemical compatibilities/incompatibilities.

Proficiency in identifying appropriate EPA test methods (SW846: Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, Physical/Chemical Methods, CLPContracting Laboratory Program) for laboratory analyses and field screening analyses of collected samples.

Proficiency in the operation and maintenance of mobile laboratories and/or field analytical capabilities for multimedia organic and inorganic chemical analyses in the field.

Proficiency in interpreting field data and the preparation of technical reports.

Proficiency in interpreting field data for the purposes of characterization of wastes and determination of appropriate disposal options.

Knowledge of Lab Packing.

Demonstrated knowledge of the collection, preparation, transport and analytical methodology required by laboratories.

Data Management, training in and use of the scientific method, some personnel supervision, various exposure to technical and scientific procedures, Decision making, people skills for client contact and personnel management, great ability to be flexible and adaptable. Microsoft Office.

Field instrumentation. Familiarity/ability to utilize air monitoring and sampling equipment, water monitoring and sampling equipment, and soil/sediment sampling equipment. Abilities include calibration, implementation in field, and interpretation of results.

Familiarity with the Incident Command System (ICS) 100-800 is a plus.