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Position at Weld North Education - Edgenuity - Imagine Learning


Weld North Education, a leading developer of digital curriculum, is seeking a full-time Social Studies Curriculum Designer who can work remotely to develop a new core Social Studies program for middle and high school students.

All office-based employees or employees meeting face-to-face with other employees are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

A Day in the Life as Social Studies Academic Designer, Library

Social Studies Academic Designers will work directly with contractors and copyeditors to answer content questions, provide targeted or general feedback, and ensure quality or accuracy of materials across programs. You will also manage the general editorial review processes in various stages of production.

Additional Responsibilities include:

        initiate and attend check-ins with curriculum leads on a regular basis or whenever necessary to monitor progress towards cross-departmental project goals.

        write library items during the editorial process or from scratch and subject to calendar or personnel demands.

        ensure that library texts contain all associated information and components, including any and all curricular components as well as Lexile, word count, and bibliographic information.

        assess, select, and monitor grade level standards and content tags for accuracy and consistency.

        work with the design department to ensure that specific poster and context images for library items meet text accuracy and sensitivity standards.

        develop deliverables on a deadline-driven basis and must ensure availability for feedback or unscheduled meetings during regular working hours.


        at least 3-5 years experience writing, editing, building Social Studies curriculum or teaching in an academic setting.

        a bachelor’s degree or higher in History, curriculum design or development, or other related liberal arts or library science fields.

        excellent writing and editing skills and the ability to produce quality work in a timely manner.

        familiarity with an array of state social studies standards and the C3 Framework for curriculum in grades 6 through 12.

        the initiative to share ideas, identify great stories, and propose concepts for future development.

        the ability to collaborate, coordinate, and build consensus in a fast-paced, web-based, deadline-driven environment.

        the ability to follow a strict writing format when needed, but also map out full projects independently, and execute them from start to finish.

        the ability to work remotely.

        experience and comfort working with digital education products and other digital tools, including Microsoft Office, Google Drive and video chatting software.


Academic Designer Test Assignment

In order to better assess how candidates will perform in the day-to-day work required of Academic Designers, we ask that you complete a brief assignment to send in with your application.

Read the following primary sources that relate to the expansion of the United States in the 19th century.

Source 1: “American Progress”;id=M545330;type=101

Source 2: John L. O’Sullivan - “The Great Nation of Futurity” modified excerpt:

“Yes, we are the nation of progress, of individual freedom, of universal enfranchisement….We must onward to the fulfilment of our mission -- to the entire development of the principle of our organization -- freedom of conscience, freedom of person, freedom of trade and business pursuits, universality of freedom and equality. This is our high destiny, and in nature's eternal, inevitable decree of cause and effect we must accomplish it. All this will be our future history, to establish on earth the moral dignity and salvation of man….For this blessed mission to the nations of the world, which are shut out from the life-giving light of truth, has America been chosen.”


Using these two sources, complete the following task:

       Identify an additional source that could be used to increase the diversity of perspectives on this topic. Explain why you chose this source.

       Explain how you would use these three sources in your classroom to teach both content and historical thinking.

       Create two multiple-choice questions and two short answer questions based on the three sources that assess student understanding of the documents. Align these questions to the California 8th Grade Content Standards and the Grades 6-8 Historical and Social Sciences Analysis Skills found here.



       Be sure to model clear, concise writing and strong grammar throughout your assignment.

       Note which specific standard(s) each question is targeting.

       Send this assignment as an attached Microsoft Word document when you send in your résumé.

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