Director of Construction

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Weidner Property Management is committed to teamwork, through a spirit of honesty, trust and mutual respect.  The Director of Construction will coordinate communication within the Construction Division and between the Construction Division and the other divisions including: the communication of company decision, the accurate and timely communication of pertinent information between the Construction Division team members as well as corporate departments and staff While this job description is complete, some responsibilities may not be specifically addressed.

Performance – Setting New Standards …

  • Introduce innovations and cost cutting procedures throughout the Construction Division.
  • implement and monitor reporting systems within the various Construction Divisions so that valid reports are produced that will provide the members of the Construction Division Team with the information they need and will service as an indicator to identify concerns so that they will be addressed and eliminated.
  • Establish standard construction schedules and monitor construction schedules for the various projects.
  • Construct the projects within the budgetary guidelines established by the bidding process.
  • Establish standards for general site conditions regarding their cleanliness, safe working conditions, and safety procedures so that workers are safe and protected, OSHA standards are met, and workers’ compensation claims are kept to a minimum
  • Bring in contracted costs within the established guidelines set forth during the forecast stages of the development.
  • Conduct the bid process within the proposed bid scheduled so that accurate and complete contracts are negotiated.
  • Improve the costs effectiveness (value engineering) by the introduction of new products into the construction process.
  • Ensure that products selected for use are of appropriate quality and available on schedule.
  • Prepare accurate cost estimates for the option, basement option, and basement standard account budgets once the selection process is completed and transmit those reports to Accounting Division.
  • Establish and maintain successful operation of computerized purchase order system.
  • Ensure material availability of a product offered.
  • Ensure that our selections are completed according to the construction schedule.
  • Oversee completeness and accuracy of option request information presented to estimating so that accurate prints and estimates can be prepared.
  • Develop a Warranty Service Department that is equipped with the necessary vehicles, tools, equipment, storage, and inventory to adequately handle the customer’s warranty service needs.
  • Develop a Warranty Service Budget and maintain the costs of that department within those predetermined budgetary guidelines.
  • Develop a schedule for this warranty service items and maintain that schedule.
  • Ensure the availability of subcontractors to complete warranty service repairs where appropriate.
  • Maintain Operation satisfaction at closing and at the end of the yearly warranty service period.

What we value… OUR PEOPLE

  • Actively participate in a positive team environment through teamwork, communication and excellence in service; communicate regularly with the VP of Design and Construction.
  • Periodically check work of all subcontractors to assure compliances with company construction standards and work with subcontractors to improve performance.
  • Conduct the timely, accurate, and complete transfer of information form the customer selections process to the field personnel, subcontractors, and Accounting Division.

Attention to Detail set us apart…

  • Follow Weidner’s Mission, Vision and Values and comply with all Weidner policies and procedures as outlined in the Associate Handbook and Policy and Procedure Manual, as well as Fair Housing rules and regulations.
  • Monitor and analyze cost, schedule, and quality variances so that the causes of variances are identified and eliminated.
  • Oversee computer software operations within the Construction Division, including taking the best advantage of uses of current systems, introduction of new systems, and improvements in the overall computer software system.
  • Oversee the training of all construction personnel in the use and operation of computer systems and programs as appropriate for each position in the construction division.
  • Establish written quality standards of construction by subcontract trade and monitor performance to assure compliance with those standards.
  • Submit subcontractor information and job cost information to the Accounting Division so accounting records are current and have the most up-to-date, accurate, information needed (i.e., completed contract proposal, contractor information)
  • Establish warranty service policies, procedures, manuals, and convey those to Operations, subcontractors, and employees.
  • Provide summary reports of performance and benchmarks for upper management to review on a monthly basis.

Accomplish through honesty, trust and mutual respect…

  • Prompt with regular attendance and maintain a professional appearance at all times while on duty.
  • Maintain a high level of satisfaction with the Owner in regard to Owner selections.
  • Ensure that customer walk through and warranty service items are completed in a quality, workmanship-like, and timely manner.
  • Establish and maintain a quick response time to Operations request and inquiries.


  • Must agree to a criminal background check and sign an agreement for voluntary drug testing.
  • Valid and current driver’s license and passport.
  • Ability to use various computer programs including construction scheduling, estimating, job cost and financial accounting, cost variance analysis, and spreadsheet development and use including graphing options