Multimedia Producer

Job ID 2023-5721

Media/PublishingHybrid Remote


Position at WebMD

coliquio is the largest community of physicians in the German-speaking region, boasting over 190,000
members. Established in 2007, we have grown to a team of over 120 employees and are continually
seeking new talent. Operating in agile, cross-functional teams, we develop projects and new
products, bringing them to market readiness. Our mission at coliquio is to create an environment
where every doctor receives medical knowledge relevant to their practice—easily accessible,
available when needed, and from comprehensive sources.

As a member of our Media Production Team, your role involves actively contributing to achieving
excellence in your area of responsibility. This includes executing video recordings and podcast
recordings in the studio and with remote tools. As well as handling tasks in lighting, sound, camera,
and directing as required. Working closely with our Medical Education Team, editors, and clients, you
develop content for audio and video formats, executing projects both collaboratively and
independently. You play a pivotal role in the operational support of ingests (recordings) and transfers
of videos and audio files, as well as realizing live streaming events on platforms such as YouTube,
Facebook, and websites. Archiving content poses no challenge for you.

You effortlessly tackle challenges and complex tasks. Therefore, taking responsibility for the seamless
technical implementation of hybrid or remote live events (in the Munich studio) is well within your
capabilities, encompassing tasks from tech checks, briefings, and monitoring of sound and image to
camera operation, post-production, and providing technical support to speakers.

From the outset, you take charge of the big picture organization for coliquio, overseeing not only the
technical execution of live events but also the comprehensive planning of all Media Production
projects and requirements. You prioritize these projects in close collaboration with key stakeholders
in the Leadership Team, coordinating their implementation in suitable cycles, such as sprints.
Managing and updating all information in our planning tools, you proactively communicate to keep all
stakeholders transparently informed.

To ensure our long-term success, you continue building and managing a freelancer network. This
ensures quick and flexible activation of production capacity during peak periods.

Your potential is reflected in:

• A degree in a relevant field, e.g., Media Designer in Picture and Sound, Film and Video Editor,
or equivalent qualifications and experiences.
• Welcoming individuals with a medical background, provided they demonstrate the necessary
• Desirable project management experience and strong organizational, communication, and
planning skills.
• Proficiency in common video and audio editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe
After Effects, Adobe Audition, DaVinci Resolve, or similar.
• Affinity and interest in medical topics.
• High willingness to travel, as you will be on the move for events, functions, and client
meetings, making it worthwhile!
• Negotiation skills in both German and English.

coliquio's way of working embraces a cross-functional team structure, where you take responsibility
and implement your ideas with short decision paths. Achieving peak performance through selforganized work, flexible working hours, and home office options are part of our approach. We
provide individual onboarding, work with agile methods, constantly reinvent ourselves, foster
communication at eye level, and are founder-led. Our ethos includes thinking big, having great trust
in your colleagues' abilities, practicing genuine appreciation, real peer reviews, high energy, cool
company events, and an infectious team spirit. At coliquio, "U are first," and development is tailored
to your needs.