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WebMD Health Services is part of the WebMD family.ÿWe have been designing well-being programs for employers and health plans for over 20 years.ÿOur mission is to empower organizations and their populations to improve well-being through personalized, strategic partnerships.

In following participant centered coaching methodologies, Lifestyle Health Coaches provide
telephonic health education/coaching and appropriate stage of change specific preventive
interventions based upon information supplied by participants' completed health risk appraisal
and the participant themselves.
In this work from home opportunity, Lifestyle Health Coaches must demonstrate comprehensive
knowledge and understanding of current health education practices, as well as the ability to
counsel participants on a variety of health issues including, but not limited to, exercise, nutrition,
weight loss, alcohol and tobacco cessation, obesity, stress management, diabetes
management, blood pressure, cholesterol, and pre and postnatal care.
In this role you will:
 Provide telephonic health coaching based on participants' completed health risk
appraisal and stage of change.
 Utilize participant – centered coaching methodologies and/or theories to improve healthy
lifestyle behaviors, long term health outcomes and quality of life
 Give assessment of low, medium and high modifiable risk areas
 Assist participants' progress through long and short term goal setting, using a myriad of
health suggestions and resources
 Participate in collective record keeping which allows for continuity to exist between
multiple health coaching sessions
 Maintain specified health credentialing, including certification and ongoing continuing
 Perform other, varied job-related duties as assigned.
Must be available to work one of the following shifts:
 Monday - Thursday, 12:30p-9p EST and Friday 11:30a-8p EST 
 Tuesday - Friday, 9:30a-8p EST  
 Monday – Thursday 10:30a-9p EST

WebMD Health Services

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As a member of WebMD Health Services, you may have access to confidential information that
will require you to follow additional protocols to ensure the security of our data. As a core
requirement, you must implement and act in accordance with the organization’s information
security policies; protect assets from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, destruction
or interference; execute security processes or activities; and report security events or potential
events or other security risks to the appropriate parties within the organization.
 A Bachelor’s degree or 5 years health and wellness experience is required
 If not already certified, the Lifestyle Health Coach must achieve (and maintain) a
nationally recognized certification within 6 months of employment; i.e.: CHES, ACSM,
NBHWC or equivalent, and/or maintain licensure held, such as RD, RN, LPN, LMHC,
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as and strong telephonic
relationship building skills
 Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities in a dynamic environment combined
with excellent time management skills
 Strong technology skills and the ability to navigate multiple screens at once is required.
 Successful completion of a background check and drug screen is required.

 Bachelor’s degree in a health-related discipline
 1-5 years of health and wellness experience
 Candidates fluent in Spanish are encouraged to apply.