Sr. Safety/EMT Technician

Medical/Healthcare Olive Branch, Mississippi


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This is a great opportunity to be a part of a dynamic team that is leading safety and health operations and development in and advanced manufacturing plant environment.  As Sr. Safety Advisor, you’ll support a rotating 12-Hour Night Shift by efficiently and effectively coordinating all Emergency Medical Responses to ensure the performance of a reliable EHS program, designed to improve our employees’ workplace environment, their safety and supports critical occupational health systems.


Fully accountable for leading, guiding and advising all ongoing, hands-on preventative Safety activities for all production and operations team members, on the assigned shift.  You will also be responsible for rushing to the scene of crisis or accident and will perform basic life-saving techniques, including:

  • Assessment and Evaluation of a patient’s condition and determine the right course of treatment
  • Burn management
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Emergency birth assistance
  • Extrication of patients from dangerous situations
  • Help to resuscitate patients during an emergency
  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Shock prevention
  • Control severe bleeding
  • Spinal damage prevention
  • Bandaging injuries
  • Splinting broken bones
  • Aid in the transfer of patients to the emergency units of hospitals
  • Monitor patient’s condition and keep it stable while EMS is enroute to the hospital
  • Help to calm down the family members of the victim and the public on the scene
  • Create a patient care report and take notes of the medical treatment given to the patient
  • Clean equipment after use; check and replace damaged or used supplies
  • Decontaminate the interior of the facility if it a patient is suffering from a contagious disease
  • Perform CPR/AED training for members of the Emergency Response Team and employee population
  • Develop and distribute training materials
  • Work within the EHS Department to assist with Occupational Health and Safety program administration and implementation
  • Conduct facility safety audits
  • Write, develop and publish job safety analysis reports
  • Perform incident investigations, document and communicate findings


Certification through the NREMT or an Associate Degree, up to the paramedic level is required
7+ years’ experience in professional Emergency Medical Services, with an active EMT certification credential or higher
Able to work independently and with a team
Superior analytical/problem solving skills required, written and verbal communications required
Microsoft software computer proficiency is required  
Strong writing and verbal communications
Must have training capabilities at all levels of the organization
Ability to be on-call or work off hours, as needed
Oversees shift operations with safety focus which includes the responsibility to halt any, and all unsafe work practices


The environmental conditions for this job range from climate controlled indoor activity to inclement outdoor extremes of cold, heat, wind and various forms of precipitation. The widest variance of noise is also encountered. This job requires the ability to be on your feet walking around the facility, indoors and out, at least 50% of the day. Additional requirement includes climbing into small spaces, climbing elevations, ladders/stairs over 6 feet and lifting over 50 pounds as required to perform necessary job tasks.

View, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer

View does not accept unsolicited resumes and does not compensate third parties who have not been specifically retained to conduct a candidate search or provide other contracted services.